The Atlantis Paradox

I started writing The Surrender Game, Vol I in the Guardian War Chronicles universe in July, of 2013.

On November 25th, 2020, a day before my birthday and absolutely scared to death, riddled with Imposter Syndrome I finally committed to hitting the publish button.

January of 2021, I released the Companion short story.

Six month later, I published The Hunter’s Proper Name. Another short story in the Guardian War universe.

The Atlantis Paradox, the Surrender Game sequel, I started writing in 2012.

This month (November) I’m publishing The Atlantis Paradox. Almost two years to the date of the first one, and ten years after it’s inception.

Perhaps… my birthday…

I have about a third of book three completed, rough draft. Vol III, The Reckoning.

The third in the short story series, The Mighty Chain, is in the works concurrently.

I need to take a moment and thank everyone who has stuck by me in this adventure. Writing this series has taken a tremendous amount of work, diligence, tenacity, creativity and time management has been critical. I feel blessed to have been allowed this opportunity to pursue something I love.

I LOVE writing sci-fi/fantasy novels.

A common question asked to authors, musicians, creators, writers etc. “If no one listened to the music you created, if no one read your content, would you still do it?”

The answer to that question is a resounding YES!!

I would absolutely continue to write and publish my work. It’s a labor of love and passion. Even if no one read anything I produced, I would continue to produce. No doubt about it.

But, but, but… why? Why create if no one engages, reads, listens…

Because… it’s all about passion.

I enjoy the process of publishing: Writing, editing, researching, designing… starting out with nothing more than an idea, and over time, bringing that idea to life. Manifesting something from nothing.

I don’t have an imagination. I have a “hyperactive” imagination. It needs an outlet, and I put my imagination down on paper. Then, my team helps me organize it and bring it to completion. And so far, my hyperactive imagination has served me well. But I can’t do it without my “Team”.

Having a team is crucial I believe.

My team is stationed all over the world. My cover artist lives in Greece. My editor lives in Canada. One beta reader lives around the corner, and the other lives about 40 minutes away. My P.R./Manager friend lives in Texas. My cinematic trailer creator friend (who loves the challenge of making my trailer videos) lives in Nigeria.

It helps to have a supportive team backing you when engaging in this type of work. My editor reminds me of Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares sometimes.

Brash, upfront, to the point and tells me exactly what I need to hear and understand for the betterment of my “kitchen” (books). She’s had my back on this journey since day one and has edited all four novels thus far.

I’m super excited about this sequel release. It’s been some time coming, but the end is in sight and I have my team to thank.

If you want to meet the Atlantis Paradox cast of characters, A.I. created art, I’ve included my most recent TikTok video here.

(Please subscribe to my TikTok channel. Closing in on a thousand followers and 1000 is the short term goal. My videos all include sci-fi content and short “about me” videos)

For updates and info, please consider liking my Author Facebook page. Any and all support is welcome and appreciated. Being an author in such a dense genre… we need all the help we can get.

That’s all in the tank for tonight. There’s work to be done. Be good to each other.


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