For the last week, I’ve been in “building mode.”

My office is almost complete now, and I’m pleased to admit I did it all by myself. A small space in the corner of my basement I can say is all mine (muwa ha ha).

It has been lovingly named “The Lair.”

But… holy moly… what a chore… All the sheetrock is up, and the mud is ready for sanding. I’ll be installing the floor and painting the walls shortly. Once that’s completed, I have some insulating to do in other areas around the pipes.

Then… the drop ceiling. Over time I’ll be creating bookshelves, and hopefully a hand-made gaming table.

Despite the labor, and the soreness at the end of the night, it’s been therapeutic. It provides me a sense of structure. While I’m in between projects, I need to remain productive. The sequel to the Surrender Game is almost complete. My editor is working on a section as we speak, then, a full edit on my end (which takes some time) and I’m in the market for a cover but while I wait for everything to come full circle, I have to be producing something… Building… Constructing… Creating.

Making things.

I can’t work on the third installment in the series, until the second one is published and live. It’s just the way I operate.

I enjoy bringing thoughts into reality. Writing books, and making videos has been fun, and challenging, but those “in-between moments” of down time… suck the life out of me. When I go into idle mode, I don’t feel “normal”. When I don’t feel normal, I build. The basement is mine (my wife gets the entirety of the main floor) and over time I’ll be creating more spaces and making it look less “basement-like.” My basement has become a storage facility for friends and family’s unneeded stuff and I feel compelled to do something about it.

My Tiktok channel has crested 700 followers and the road to 1000 followers continues, but, video making has slowed a bit. Tiktok video making is a time sucker, yet I’ve been making great connections and networking with people in the industry. Definitely worth the time and energy on my end, however, I need to take a breather from the platform from time-to-time.

Today, my wife and I will escape for a short road-trip and do some “leaf-peeping.” Maine is in peak foliage this weekend, and after a light lunch and taking in the sights, we’ll return to Lowes for a few more “Lair” supplies. I need to pick up a Shopvac, and even though the Lair is all mine, I told my wife she can pick the paint color. No big deal… she’ll make the right choice on my behalf.

The coffee is hot. The work continues. A short installment this time, because I have a ton of stuff to accomplish.

Winter is coming.

That’s all in the tank for today. Be good to each other.


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