Crypto Talk with Jere

All my intentions are good.

I never mean to lie. If I lie about something, it’s typically in error, or a bad self-judgement call I made and never thought it through to completion.

For instance: I might make a public declaration, “I’ll never talk about my love for potato chips on this site. This won’t become a potato chip blog.”

Then… three posts later, I’ll impulsively write a thousand words about my favorite potato chips.

I didn’t mean to lie… it was just a bad call. Something inside told me to write about something I once said I wouldn’t. My intentions were good…

The moral of this intro is: I might have said not too long ago I won’t talk about cryptocurrency, or more directly, “don’t worry, this won’t become a cryptoblog”.

And I still plan to keep it that way. Long term.

But… a chunk of my audience exists in the cryptoverse, now, and as someone who enjoys writing, I can say I have a definitive ‘audience’.

We cater to our audiences. They didn’t start subscribing, until my first crypto related post.

We have tendencies to magnetize to others whom share similar interests. I’m by no means an expert in the crypto currency realm, but I also don’t need to always understand how something works, to know it will work for me. Or, does work for me.

I know juuuuust enough about car functions to understand when I turn the key, car go vroom, and take me to place.

Being who I am, all I can speak about on this platform, is topics related to my selective interests: Writing, fantasy, science fiction, the esoteric, dream fulfillment, personal journey related material, my Surrender Game main character being my alter ego, signs and symbols, angels and demons, the supernatural, my feelings on certain content, and how I put family first, controlling emotions and focusing on goals, some spirituality, my struggles, conquering fear… destroying fear. Working on the house, and finishing projects. Maybe a little book advertising here and there… sitting around my campfire out back.

And slipped in the middle of all that is, my crypto interests.

Because… Holy Moley… it’s indeed interesting.

Interesting to me.

And I’m fairly certain crypto subscribers share the same sentiment. No one has tried to scam me, or send me links, or lure me into their little snares and traps… so I make an assumption that my crypto people are just like me. Interested… learning. Something about crypto strikes a chord deep inside.

In the arena of the cryptoverse, the Fear of Missing Out stigma is rampant. Because yes… there is a “timing” issue involved if one doesn’t understand the consolidation points, and the patterns which start emerging when one studies the trends and rhythmic actions of the market.

After a time the pattern becomes seemingly obvious, and with obvious it slowly becomes slightly mathematical, which in turn then becomes predictable to a degree.

Do I understand “all” of it? Of course not. Do I study it? I do. Do I keep my finger on the pulse? Pay attention? Not all the time, but… yeah…

I don’t talk about gains, or losses. I don’t speak on “greens” and “reds” and “candles” and “unicorns” and other silly lingo.

However… regardless of what we have in our personal investments, whether it’s a million tokens, or ten billion… seeing Shiba Inu go from 996 Satoshi’s to 3500, in three days… was a bit crazy to experience in real time. With a current consolidation point hovering between 2800, and 2300 (give or take).

I’ve said it before, I don’t have a ton of faith in the Shib coin, not until it goes a specific route will I fully trust it. But… the community is strong with this one.

If these kinds of online events continue, these massive pumps and Whale investing happening over a short period of time, if the “community” continues to rally like it did on the 5th of October, it’ll drop another zero, sooner than later. It’s already in the top 12 of most purchasing sites. It’ll be in the top ten before year’s end.

The NFT’s are rumored to be dropping soon.

Robinhood might be ready to take Shiba on.

All good news for the Shibarmy.

What a wild time to be alive. I find it fascinating to no end.

I suppose that’s enough crypto talk for one day. Big welcome to the new folks who climbed aboard this crazy train and decided to subscribe. I thank you muchly.

I don’t have much else in the tank for today. I hope everyone is well in their realm. Chat soon. Keep pursuing the dream.


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