Today, my wife and I celebrate four years of marriage.

Come the first week of November, we’ll have been together for 12 years.

Some may find this difficult to believe, but to this day, we have yet to have one argument. Ask anyone who associates with us. Ask her, our collective friends, co-workers and family members… not one argument.

I can proudly say I’ve been “conflict” free for almost 12 years. The only time I’ve ever raised my voice in her presence was when the radio was too loud in the car and I couldn’t hear the question asked. She likes her music real loud, and she typically talks really soft.

We’ve had a couple of tense moments here and there, and our thresholds were tested. After a blindside eviction and only having 60 days to move out, at the beginning of a pandemic and moving nine years worth of home stuff to the other side of the river, while continuing to work our jobs through the whole fiasco… caused a little stress, but never resulting in anything ugly. The only way to get through it, was to stay as focused and headstrong as possible.

Our relationship is “funny.” Perhaps unique is more appropriate. We don’t share a ton of mutual interests. I like sci-fi, fantasy, and specific comedies. She enjoys shows like: Law and Order, Snapped, and The First 48… among others. NCIS, CSI, and she’s a huge fan of Netflix.

I hate Netflix.

I like writing, reading, creating something from thought… and she likes riding motorcycles with friends, or attending metal concerts.

She’s covered in tattoos, and I have one tat wrapping my leg I wish I could remove.

With over 200 pairs of shoes and boots in the closets, nooks, and crannies, it’s safe to say she enjoys shopping… while I get my clothes super cheap, and I wear the same pants until holes burst forth above the back pockets, and I’m then forced to replace them. I have one pair of slippers, some hefty snow boots, and my casual work-a-day footwear. I had a sweet pair of sandals I once used for mowing the lawn, or for those afternoons walking the coastline and climbing rocks, but they fell apart recently and coming into the winter season, I haven’t decided to replace them yet.

Oh well.

She and I are quite the opposite but we share one thing in common (besides the events we “do” enjoy together).

We don’t have an interest, or the time, for the bullshit.

She and I have experienced more collective bullshit in our past lives, it’s beyond staggering. Together, we came to a determination that arguing is a pointless exercise, and we just know deep, deep down in our hearts, it’s all petty, and completely unnecessary.

But, but, but… arguing is healthy in a relationship.


Perhaps for someone else… but not us.

Something we like to say, when we find it applicable to the situation, “don’t sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things.” Calm down, calm down… we’re all adults here.

“Can’t be angry at the things we can’t control.”

“The only thing we have full control over, is our emotions.”

We both enjoy the simple things in life. Why make it complicated? The powers that be will do a fine job of making life complicated for us, so why add more complication to that pile of garbage?… should we not strive to find simplicity within their constructed chaos?

Live symbiotically. Find a decent life balance, and then reap the rewards.

It was a strange journey finding my wife. Lots of twists and turns. Many, many tests along the way. However, the end result was a relationship in which I’m still convinced, even as I write this, was a relationship that was meant to be.

If reincarnation exists, after this life is done and we’ve moved on from the avatar meat-suit and have the chance to “do it all over again” she and I will find each other in that next life.

I know it for a fact.

A strong relationship doesn’t need to be defined by the shows and movies watched. Mutual interests. Hobbies, music, money, or even like-mindedness.

It’s about respect.

Showing love, and not just saying it. Being a pillar of strength when your counterpart is falling over, or tumbling down. Lifting chins, and drying eyes. Compassion. Words of encouragement. Developing true trust.

The last 12 years have been a blessing. I can’t ever be certain of what the future holds, but I know for a fact if I’m barreling around the empty city streets of the wasteland in my decked out Mad Max style buggy with flames shooting out the back, hunting and slaying wizards, demons, zombies or monsters under an apocalypse sun… she’ll be in the passenger seat right beside me, wearing a leather jacket, tall black boots zipped up the side, dark sunglasses, blasting Shinedown through the speakers at top volume.

Regardless of what is thrown at us… as long as we do it together, all will be well.

Crypto Talk with Jere

For the “meme coin” fans, I’m certain you share in the collective excitement of Shiba Inu making it’s way onto Coinbase.

Having the label, “the Dogecoin Killer”, is it truly possible Shib will make it to $.01 over the next few years? Five years? Eight? Took Dogecoin seven years to hit that mark. Now Doge is bouncing between $.30 and $.20.

Being a community driven coin, all that’s needed is more “Whales” buying in, and of course some additional burn off. I don’t have concrete faith in Shib but I do have stakes in various assets, and I’d be lying if Shib didn’t catch my fancy right away. Who can say what the future holds, but according to some tracking programs Whales are buying in routinely. Some in the billions. That’s good news. I don’t pay much attention to meme currency, but I do find the prospect fascinating.

Good luck to all in the Shib Army.

That’s all in the tank for tonight. Tomorrow comes early.

Be good to each other.


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