Evening Off

Today… I rest.
I feel as though I’m “working” all the time. Grinding through the 40 hour jobby-job, and from the time I get home… to the time my head hits the pillow, I stay productive. As productive as I can be. Only pausing to take the four legged security officer around the property, and taking a dinner break late in the evening. While I enjoy all that I do, I’ve decided on a relatively short post today, and not doing much of anything else. I’ve checked all my sites. Glanced over the stats, messages, emails, and everything else. I’ve laid out the groundwork for the next couple weeks, and I believe that’s all she wrote for this Friday. Ordinarily I’d be working on projects today, until shortly before midnight, and restarting all over the next day with a strong cup of java, but not this time around.

It’s time to chill, and rest.

I’ve included a generic donation area below. If you ever feel compelled to donate to any of my future or current projects: helping with costs of cover art, editing fees, or would like to contribute monetarily to my content, and cause, please consider making a donation.

A big welcome and thank you to the new subscribers. The gang is getting larger and after a scan of all the names… quite diverse.

I’ll drop another, more lengthy installment before the weekend is over. Most, if not all of these posts, are over a thousand words long and I like to stay above that number as often as I can.

The Surrender Game is currently at $.99 and will stay there until September 13th. Get it while the gettins good.

That’s all in the tank.


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