Suspended Animation

Autumn in Maine.

My favorite season.

From one edge of the horizon to the other, many trees have the appearance of being on fire. Blazing orange, and bright reds. Can be a bit distracting when heading to work.

Taking road trips in the northern areas, where all the roads become winding tunnels of vibrant, popping colors. It’s a delightful time of year. A bit chilly, but I do my best in a cooler climate.

I’m not a big fan of raking, however. It’s the one chore I despise.

I’ll wash dishes, mow the lawn, vacuum, cook, clean, scrub, shovel snow, dig trenches, chop trees, clean windows, gut out the garage, shingle a roof, and I’ve been known to dust a bit here and there… but raking?



Another couple of weeks and all the trees will have shed their leaves, and I can call the raking season done and over with.

Then, comes winter. Hoo boy. Winter in Maine is an experience unlike any other. A true test of grit.

I don’t enjoy the random, lengthy power outages but thanks to a good friend, I believe I now have outages covered. It’s looking to be a difficult winter, in this neck of the woods.

I can feel it in my bones. There’s something in the air that says, “better be ready for a doozy.”

So, between now, and the first storm, I just have to ensure the struggle will be minimized this go around. Winter in Maine can last many months. And drag on…….

No big, lengthy, crazy post this afternoon. Just random thoughts, and hanging out in the lair. Thinking about whipping up a pot of Joe, and taking inventory of needs. Cleaning my work bench. Writing a list or two for winter prep.

I cleaned my guitar, and right before the move, I had ordered a Kalimba. Been itching to practice the guitar again, but I’m fascinated with the Kalimba, and enjoy the sound it makes.

I believe I’ll do that, after this. Mess around with my thumb piano.

I’m in a solid holding pattern. A phase of suspended animation. I’m accustomed to waiting. Not a real big deal. Patience is a virtue and it never bothers me to the point of mental overload. Having spent so much time embroiled in writing, now, while away from it, I feel a little lost sometimes. I could always open up any folder on my desktop and tinker, organize, edit, and tweak… but my mind needed a break from it all. I find playing with music, and attempting to learn musical instruments, gives my brain something to focus on while in-between projects. I have to allow everything to play out organically, and natural. And while in this brief place of limbo, music seems to fill that small void.

Everything is still on track it seems. Just waiting, and attempting to be productive in the meantime. Trying to experience new things.

Trying to be ready for what’s coming around the corner.

I suppose that’s all for today. I hope everyone is well. Shout out to new subscribers and followers. I love all you guys. Thank you for the ongoing support 🙂

The video I made last night, after some Kalimba practicing, is included here if you want to check it out. Give it a like if you’d like, and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting random things infrequently.


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