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I knew when I was quite young, seven… eight years old… I wanted to write in some capacity.

As a super-mega fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, Weiss and Hickman’s Dragonlance novels, pretty much everything by Stephen King (from the 70’s through the late 90’s), Tolkien fantasy, and various science fiction books, I had told myself long, long ago, “I want to do what they do, somehow, someway.”

I want to write books.

I want to create something from literally, nothing. Manifesting thought into existence.

Of course, it was never going to happen. No one can be like “them,” and time is oh, so precious. So, what’s the point in trying?

As a result of that defeatist mentality, I never tried. I did the high school gig, a little college here and there, and then before I knew it I was out in the working world fulltime. Started a family. Became an “adult.”

It wasn’t until sometime in my thirties did that itch to write something wriggle its way back into my subconscious again.

Then, as I was tinkering with plot lines and basic character developments one sunny, summer afternoon… I was “told” it was never going to happen. I didn’t say it to myself this time… someone else informed me of this fact.

“Stop living a pipe dream. You’re wasting your time. You’ll never become a writer. Don’t even bother. You’re a nobody. Little fish in a big pond.”

That “attack” upon my psyche and all that negative energy lit a fire inside my skin and bones, and my soul furnace flared to life. Instead of listening to that defeating voice, I tuned it out, and ignored it. I had decided to not only prove naysayers wrong, but to prove myself wrong.

It matters not how the adventure begins, only how it ends. My adventure continues.

10 years after being told it can’t be done, I have three novels/novellas on my author shelf, re-writing a fourth (a sequel) from the ground up, and completing a third novella in an ongoing series of expanded universe material. Hoping to have five novels/novellas on the shelf in 2022 with many, many more to come. All I want to do in my life, is tell stories. With any luck, I’ll have book one in my young adult fantasy series completed in early 2023.

The best part of this adventure… I don’t need to be like “them,” because… that’s impossible. I have my own voice. My own imagination. My own team, editor, and trusted sources. My own story-telling ways, methods and madness. I will never be like “them.” Nor do I want to be.

I can only be me.

Because I am who I am and I can’t change that, my wheelhouse is science fiction. I choose to write alien worlds, “people” and cultures, memorable and interesting main and sub-characters, with unique plot lines, interactions, and backgrounds, but… not so much science fiction it’s unrelatable or difficult to understand. Nothing about what I write can be classified as “Hard Science Fiction.” I like to tell people around me, “you don’t need to be a fan of sci-fi to enjoy these books.”

If you enjoy action, adventure, strong female leads, mythology, snappy dialogue, tense and unpredictable moments, then this series may be just for you.

Everything will feel relatable, and familiar. Hardly any “technobabble” and the information is easy to digest quickly.

My characters are flawed (deeply, depending on who you talk to)… just like me. My writing style is fast paced, with very little downtime. As an action enthusiast, I can only work with what I know.

My characters are well defined, early on. No guesswork, fleshing out, or questioning the characters as they’re introduced; allowing the story to move forward organically and quickly.

Just like me, being me, my characters are exactly how they are portrayed. No more, no less. Completely grounded.

I needed to create an evil. A villain that hadn’t been attempted before. Something different. Something… completely original… yet, familiar all at the same time.

I enjoy toying with the “blurred lines between good and evil” concept, and I love delving into the minds of complicated anti-heroes and doing my best to break down stereotypical story-telling walls.

I wanted to produce content “I” would enjoy reading.

Her name is Liberty Bell.

High Intendant, Liberty Bell, to be more accurate. Owner and operator of the Truckstop One fueling station on the moon of Jerra along the edge of Sector One, at the outskirts of the Exterior. A vast expanse of space containing nine different systems within a region of the cosmos named the Vega Grid.

Scavenger ships come and go from her establishment. Weary pilots flying run down rigs sputtering into the complex running on fumes rent rooms for lodging, resupply with Truckstop goods, and participating in games and contests in the Truckstop recreation rooms. Eating expensive meals at the restaurant on the ground floor, or spending time inside the tavern with other trucker ruffians, smugglers, pirates, swindlers and regulars. Visiting friends in the industry, or having happy reunions with family members.

While a ship refuels in the docking ring for their next lengthy mission or local delivery, the truckers enjoy their time and amenities at Truckstop One. Gambling. Sleeping in a comfortable bed. Room service.

Intendant Bell has a simple philosophy. Follow the rules of her fine establishment, and there will be no problems. Violate that trust, and pilot access codes will be scrubbed from the system. It’s that easy.

Find lodging, and resupply, elsewhere.

She lives a simple existence filled with day to day operating responsibilities. Staff meetings. Status updates. Lunch breaks with subordinates and filing paperwork in a cluttered office. Maintenance problems. Dialogues with her security chief, head cook, bartender, patrons and dignitaries passing through.

She gets what she wants, when she wants it. She’s smooth, wealthy, persistent, a manipulator when the need arises and everyone plays by her rules. When she strolls the corridors, everyone makes a path.

Liberty believes the universe revolves around her and she worked thirty hard years to make it happen.

However, when she encounters the Guardians of the Light, the Lishoku Del’Amma during a routine work day she comes to understand how literal her belief truly is.

The cosmos does indeed revolve around her.

What do you do when you find out you’re the only one, in the entirety of the universe, who can save it?

If you want to see how it all plays out, consider giving the Guardian War Chronicles a try. Readers seem to enjoy the story thus far, and that’s all I want. The first chapter to it’s sequel, The Atlantis Paradox is included at the end.

The Surrender Game, Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles is now available in hardcover and paperback. Only $3.99 to purchase the eBook and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

When I published the Surrender Game I wanted to include a companion novella including: short stories, some poetry, and character histories. Certain events, places, historical narratives, battles, timelines and how the Exterior nation came into existence. If a reader wants to know more about Gethar Willow and his involvement in the Droll War, he’s in the companion. If you’re curious about the emergence of the Runner Thieves, how the Omega Gates were created, or who the first Truckstop operator was, they can be found within the pages of the Guardian War Chronicles Companion. Narrated by Curator Garen Arkinn, a researcher and librarian stationed at Jericho City. Tales, Poems and Short Stories from the Exterior, is available for purchase on Kindle for only $.99. Free, with Kindle Unlimited. Available in paperback. To read the companion for free, I include it here on my website.

Tales, Poems and Short Stories from the Exterior Vol II, The Hunter’s Proper Name is available for purchase on Kindle for only $.99. Free with Kindle Unlimited. Also available in paperback. A Kallarian story. While the “Companion” provides details about the Kallar species and Kallarian culture, the Hunter’s Proper Name tells a short story about a young Kall during a training day in pursuit of his proper hunting name. No Kallar wants to be a “Kall” forever. What starts as a routine assignment becomes a dangerous adventure which the Kall trainee could never prepare for. Betrayal, conspiracy, forbidden love, with an unpredictable ending.

An ending which changes the Exterior, and everyone in it, forever.

I appreciate all the support. I hope you decide to join me on this adventure. For information on giveaways, discounts and deals please subscribe in the available areas or follow along at my author Facebook page.

Liberty and I hope to see you all there.

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