The Atlantis Paradox

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“The events you set into motion, in your time Amanda, will result in the catastrophe in mine 5000 years in your future.


The Atlantis Paradox

Release Date: November 26th, 2022

…In five thousand years from today, your time, the enemy destroys everything I know and love. When powerful enough, the enemy returns to the past. Everything plays out as it always does… Stuck on a loop.”

When Amanda Fielder encountered Charre RaeAsha, the Truckstop One mystic, she never could have believed she’d become responsible for the future of the known universe. Forced to abide by the Oracle vision, she’ll make decisions which she believes is for the greater good and the survival of the human race.

“The timeline is broken, and it needs to be repaired. The Guardians manipulate the cosmic time stream to suit their needs and desires, and no matter what has been thrown at them or used in stopping them in the other timelines, they always prevail. They always win, because something… has to change. A singular variable, which has never existed before. Once that variable is introduced, the Guardian war will finally come to an end, and the future will move on, unhindered, unbroken as it was always meant to.”

In Vol II of the Guardian War Chronicles, The Atlantis Paradox, Amanda Fielder introduces a variable into her time-line setting in motion a series of events. Those events will lead her down a path which will ultimately determine the future of the cosmos, and lead to the discovery of the whereabouts of High Intendant Liberty Bell.

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