A sad day. An unexpected, heartbreaking loss. She’d been a member of my family, for what seems to be… an eternity. Strong. Loyal. Battlehardened. She had her scars. A rough life. Regardless of the torture endured, I could always count on her. She got me through some tough times. Faithful. We had our outdoor chats.Continue reading “Broken”

84 Miles

It was the perfect day for a road trip. Nancy and I have a fondness for historic “antiquely” towns, and Maine has a ton. After the chores and workie-work responsibilities yesterday, I had that itch to escape the home and travel to the coast. Time to be near the water again. Time for another natureContinue reading “84 Miles”

Breaking Point

It happened. I’ve reached that point. Finally had enough. No more. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. My threshold was crossed. On any given day, it takes a lot to get me upset. Typically, after some deep thought, and calm breathing, I can reach that place where I’m able to settle down, andContinue reading “Breaking Point”

Suspended Animation

Autumn in Maine. My favorite season. From one edge of the horizon to the other, many trees have the appearance of being on fire. Blazing orange, and bright reds. Can be a bit distracting when heading to work. Taking road trips in the northern areas, where all the roads become winding tunnels of vibrant, poppingContinue reading “Suspended Animation”