My Better Half

“Re-think and restart if needed. Adjust, but resist the urge to quit.”–JSM   The first week of Nancy’s healing, was a time of madness. I can’t count how many times she wanted to close up shop, and quit on me. I wouldn’t allow it. When she begged me with tears streaming down her cheeks toContinue reading “My Better Half”


When I was a child, my father asked me to help work under the trailer (we once called home), to wrap water pipes and stuff new insulation in preparation of the upcoming winter. A tight crawl space where the both of us had difficulties maneuvering. We laughed at the predicament and tried to make lightContinue reading “Claustrophobia”


-Silent Screams- I don’t take myself too seriously. In fact, I laugh at myself now more often than not. What’s the point? Why would I take myself seriously? I’m in this life to enjoy it, and my time spent with the others in my circle. I’ve seen what happens when people take themselves too seriously.Continue reading “Helpless”