Trailer Release

Here is the book trailer. Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles. The Surrender Game. I hope you enjoy. Full disclosure… Yes, I am aware of the typo (sticks out like a sore thumb now). I must have watched the darn thing a hundred times before saying, “ok, good to go,” and completely overlooked it.Continue reading “Trailer Release”

Love Letter

I wrote my wife a love letter, long ago. She keeps it in a small box among her collectables and knick-knacks, and while it was a special note, and from the heart, it wasn’t as authentic as it could have been. I could have said more. I could have written three pages, instead of one.Continue reading “Love Letter”

The Sequel

I’ve been asked when the sequel will be ready. For the most part, it is ready. I’m tweaking and rearranging some things; had to remove a deadweight character from the plotline, and then rework the story around that “killed darling”. For continuity purposes, and staying with the primary story– post Surrender Game– I’ve had toContinue reading “The Sequel”

As Promised As promised, here is the free read. The companion story. One can choose how they wish to proceed at this point. To read the companion, first, will offer historical references for the region of space named, the Exterior (the Vega Grid). The companion will provide back stories for specific characters, time-lines, historical figures, keyContinue reading “As Promised”

An Ongoing Adventure

Good morning and happy Sunday!Good, and bad news to share today. The good news—Overall, I had managed to do, what I had set out to do. I published my first novel. (doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance) Here are a couple of links for those who are interested. The Surrender Game, Kindle version,Continue reading “An Ongoing Adventure”


The Surrender Game is almost ready. The train is moving at full speed. I’ve chewed all my fingernails down to the nubs. Stomach’s rolling. I’m staring at the screen, waiting patiently for this pop-up to disappear so I can move on to the next level, or fix what needs to be fixed. It’s been aboutContinue reading “Choo-Choo”

Cover Reveal

This experience has been an absolute blast. I’m having more fun than one person should have. Seeing everything come to visual life, all of everything coming to life, has been a bit surreal and, to be honest, a little wild when I think about it. Here are the two covers. I promised I would displayContinue reading “Cover Reveal”


Friday night. Raining. Just the way I like it. I know it’ll be another early night when I decide to crash. And, once again, I’ll probably be up around 1 a.m. wondering why I’m fully rested. In fact, I could probably put a wager on it. (shrug) I’ll deal with that when it happens. IContinue reading “Battlefield”

For the People

Having been involved in this blog writing exercise, for as long as I have now, I’ve come to understand some interesting things about the process. Humbling moments. Real, special moments. I started this in mid 2016. No clue what was happening, or what I was doing, and perhaps the same can be said today. WithContinue reading “For the People”

84 Miles

It was the perfect day for a road trip. Nancy and I have a fondness for historic “antiquely” towns, and Maine has a ton. After the chores and workie-work responsibilities yesterday, I had that itch to escape the home and travel to the coast. Time to be near the water again. Time for another natureContinue reading “84 Miles”