Conspiracy Theorist, Part 2

Having one of those “bizarre” conversations a couple of months ago, centered loosely around “theories,” a statement from a friend really hit me hard, but not quite hard enough to knock me off balance. The words had an impact, but it wasn’t a take-down. In fact, the conversation was initiated by them, which indicates toContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorist, Part 2”

Conspiracy Theorist

This might be one of those installments which could easily lump me into a specific category, and I’ve come to accept that. At this point, perhaps I welcome it? Not really sure to be honest… I really don’t care either way. That’s the beauty of self-awareness. Those who truly know me, know who I amContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorist”


    “Despite what you may have heard, I am not crazy.” JSM Chapter Twenty Four Standing Tall Last chapter I briefly mentioned choosing the path of least resistance. Finding an easy route to navigate through life. Why make it difficult when alternatives can suffice? Sophomore year of high school wasn’t any different. Every possibleContinue reading “Victorious”

The Root of All Evil

  “It’s easier to ride the ride, than fight the tide.” JSM Chapter Twenty Three Back and Forth and Back Again While hammering through my first degree program at the local university, I worked part time as a mechanic at a recreational facility. Bowling, arcade, late night light and laser show events (with a DJContinue reading “The Root of All Evil”

Stormy Skies

  “Step one–Never change. The moment you change is the moment you stop being you.” JSM Chapter Twenty Two  The Deep Freeze In January of 1998 my state was crippled by an ice storm.  In fact it’s named, “The Ice Storm of 98.”  A variety of YouTube videos can be watched if interested and itContinue reading “Stormy Skies”

The Great Beyond

    “Continue exploring. Never stop searching.” JSM Chapter Twenty One Trees of Knowledge (Cont.) Turn around and walk away. Pretend you were never here. If dad finds out, you’re in trouble. Heart racing and mind scrambling I jumped out of my skin when the thin wooden door creaked closed behind me. The contents of the room wereContinue reading “The Great Beyond”