Took a personal day today. Slept in a little. Played with the dog. Tidied up the living space. Then, I treated myself to a diner breakfast around brunch time. I had the home to myself and brought the chow back to my comfy spot. Sat on the couch, and gobbled down my morning meal. KickedContinue reading “Dangerous”


1:30am. Wide awake. I told Nancy I was going to sprawl out and chill around 8:30 last night and zone out to something on the squawk box, possibly pass out cold, and I suppose that’s what I get for thinking I’d sleep soundly through the entire night. Crash early, wake early. Par for course. MyContinue reading “Countdown”

For the People

Having been involved in this blog writing exercise, for as long as I have now, I’ve come to understand some interesting things about the process. Humbling moments. Real, special moments. I started this in mid 2016. No clue what was happening, or what I was doing, and perhaps the same can be said today. WithContinue reading “For the People”

Breaking Point, Part II

I was feeling like a million bucks today. Calm. Satisfied with the days events. I had all my Jobby-job responsibilities completed, ahead of schedule. Was looking forward to the evening at home. Felt productive. Relaxed. Comfortable. That always seems to be the problem, right? Feeling comfortable. Hopped into the car after my shift, anticipating myContinue reading “Breaking Point, Part II”

Time Loop

I turned on a random episode of the Office for background noise, lounged on the couch, and when the show was over, I then had an epiphany. That bright bulb flashed on, and with eyes frozen wide open, I instinctively reacted. I shot up, bolted down the stairs to the lair, fell into the officeContinue reading “Time Loop”

River of Life

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”–-Kenneth Grahame I have a strange fascination with water. It appears I have to be close to a body of water, at all times. Before the move, back in July, I was living at the top of a hill, aContinue reading “River of Life”

Flawed Logic

Who was I kidding? In this morning’s post, Adaptation, I said I was going to tinker around the house on my day off, work on projects… try to be productive. Ultimately, my grand plan for the day, was a flawed idea. I did sip the coffee. I did spend quality time with Zoey as promised,Continue reading “Flawed Logic”


Greetings, and good morning fellow travelers!! I hope all is well in your world. A big welcome, and thank you to the new subscribers! The evolution of this site has been, for lack of a better term, unpredictable. The content changes, month to month. The story is always in flux; though the goal and dreamContinue reading “Adaptation”

La La Land

Just woke up. Fell asleep on the couch for a quick catnap, in the late afternoon, after scarfing down a heaping pile of Chinese food. When I opened my eyes at 11pm, I had no clue what day it was, where I was, or what was going on around me. Complete La-La land. Zoning outContinue reading “La La Land”


“Without fire, the phoenix can never rise.” JSM Chapter Twenty Seven Blaze of Glory In my late teens (early twenties) I helped manage a sandwich shop. The best perk of employment were the breaks and the food discounts. In the back room the owner had varieties of entertainment which the staff had permission to play andContinue reading “Inferno”