The Root of All Evil

  “It’s easier to ride the ride, than fight the tide.” JSM Chapter Twenty Three Back and Forth and Back Again While hammering through my first degree program at the local university, I worked part time as a mechanic at a recreational facility. Bowling, arcade, late night light and laser show events (with a DJContinue reading “The Root of All Evil”

Stormy Skies

  “Step one–Never change. The moment you change is the moment you stop being you.” JSM Chapter Twenty Two  The Deep Freeze In January of 1998 my state was crippled by an ice storm.  In fact it’s named, “The Ice Storm of 98.”  A variety of YouTube videos can be watched if interested and itContinue reading “Stormy Skies”

The Taste of Forbidden Fruit

“Rejoice in all you’ve accomplished! Not everyone gets an eleventh chance.”  JSM Chapter Twenty One. Trees of Knowledge Have you ever consumed forbidden fruit? Knowing you shouldn’t partake in it’s sweet temptations? Despite the nagging, overbearing whisper in the ear, “It’s alright, no one will ever know,” and you fight the urge, internally debate, battle withContinue reading “The Taste of Forbidden Fruit”

“Like predatory birds perched in dying trees, they wait. Watching with shifty eyes. Pain filled bellies growling for their next meal.  Once stripping every fleshy scrap of meat clean from the bones of the fallen, leaving no area untouched, they fly off to wait for another. Living out their purpose. Silent. Patient.” JSM    Continue reading