Conspiracy Theorist, Part 3:

“Expectation is the enemy to happiness.” –JSM   My daughter walked behind me as I was starting this installment. She stopped in her tracks, leaned over my shoulder and said, “Oh, wow! Cool!! You’re doing conspiracy theory stuff? Those are fun! Part three? What are you covering? I’ve seen “this” and watched that, and readContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorist, Part 3:”

Conspiracy Theorist, Part 2

Having one of those “bizarre” conversations a couple of months ago, centered loosely around “theories,” a statement from a friend really hit me hard, but not quite hard enough to knock me off balance. The words had an impact, but it wasn’t a take-down. In fact, the conversation was initiated by them, which indicates toContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorist, Part 2”

Conspiracy Theorist

This might be one of those installments which could easily lump me into a specific category, and I’ve come to accept that. At this point, perhaps I welcome it? Not really sure to be honest… I really don’t care either way. That’s the beauty of self-awareness. Those who truly know me, know who I amContinue reading “Conspiracy Theorist”

The Silence Before the Scream

I stare at the horizon and the waves hit my shins. The receding water buries my feet in warm sand, and I’m finally at peace. My cluttered mind now at ease. A place I desperately wanted to call, home. Here, I can relax. “I’m not returning until I find answers.” “You’ll leave when I tellContinue reading “The Silence Before the Scream”

A Hard Fall From a High Wagon

“I’m on the front line, don’t worry I’ll be fine, the story is just beginning. I say goodbye to my weakness, so long to the regret, and now I see the world through diamond eyes.”  -Shinedown- As winter approaches, I’ve felt fatigued, sluggish, and slightly grumpy. Winter in Maine, while beautiful and magical, can also be looooong and gray.Continue reading “A Hard Fall From a High Wagon”