Wow. It’s been a hot minute since I posted here last.

Almost a year.

A lot has happened.

Time for some updates. Huge updates.

VOL III in the Guardian War Chronicles is in progress. Official title is, The Reckoning.

At the same time of writing VOL III in the primary series, fans of Gethar Willow (a secondary character introduced in The Surrender Game) demanded (yes… demanded) Gethar’s origin story be written. Volunteering as beta and ARC readers before I even put words on paper. VOL III in the Tales, Poems, and Short Stories companion series has the official title of, Hatham. This installment in the expanded universe series tells the story of how Gethar Willow came to be when readers first meet him in The Surrender Game.

I love writing expanded universe material. Connecting dots and fleshing out secondary characters. Too much fun. But more importantly, I enjoy catering to the readers.

I’m fairly involved in the TikTok/BookTok community now. Just passed the milestone of 1500 followers and growing on the daily. A small number considering, but it’s been all organic growth. I’ve been on a handful of interviews. Have interviewed numerous authors, makers and creators on my channel. In a private group I operate I’ve read the Surrender Game out loud to a captive audience. The Atlantis Paradox has an official press release. I have a formatter now and all my books are undergoing a professional overhaul.

I’ve cancelled my Kindle Unlimited contract. Purchasing options are now relegated to eBook, paperback and hardcover. When the stars align I will be going with wide distribution, and testing that path for a time. If I decide to go “wide” I may see my novels in Barnes and Noble.

My dear friend Addy created a Surrender Game scent line at her Etsy Shop. She interpreted my characters and created scents for each one based on how the scents make one “feel.” She houses my books at her shop and the scent line is located under the “Book Bundle” tab at her online shop Her business page on TikTok can be found here. My office is surrounded by her mind blowing products and hyper-realistic goods.

When I first heard her speak on a livestream, her voice resonated and struck a nerve. Her voice was THE VOICE of High Intendant Liberty Bell, and I had been looking for The Surrender Game’s main character voice for three straight years. Soon after meeting and having a conversation, I asked her if she’d narrate The Surrender Game (first person female narrative). As a fan of my work, she agreed.

The caveat, was if I’d narrate the male voices.

Yup. I’ve been told by numerous people that my voice is the voice of Tyreel Dimon, so it made sense that I narrate the male voices while she does the female voices. I purchased the audio equipment and had everything shipped to her, and she’s setting up a recording studio in her home. When she’s done, she’s shipping the audio equipment to me, and I now have all the material I need to build my own small, sound proofed recording studio just off my office space. Then, we’ll collaborate to edit everything together. The Surrender Game will be on Audible but there’s no imposed deadline yet.

It’s been quite the ride.

She and I co-host a live on TikTok on Friday nights named Bookish Banter.

On top of the book promos/videos/writing/scent line/audio/TikTok lives and everything else that’s happened, I’m also the founder of a community driven fundraiser. Since July 28th myself and a few close others I spend time with have raised over a thousand dollars and the funds are sent to deserving authors who may be struggling with fees for services. I ran a thirteen hour live stream and we managed to raise the funds needed in five hours, rallying the community together under a common cause. We paid off an editor, and the remainder of the funds went to another member in the community who was struggling to see their dream come true. The fundraiser was lovingly named by a contributor as the Angel Author Fund. Great community moments. I shaved my head live for a one hundred dollar contribution. Not even a second thought.

Other updates: Vol III in the Guardian War Chronicles is in progress. Vol III in the Companion expanded universe is almost complete. Thinking I could probably publish it in Mid-November of this year.

The fourth in the Companion series is underway, because fans seem to enjoy origin stories and I enjoy delivering.

My young adult novel is halfway complete. Alpha readers have had nothing but positive input for the YA, and readers are excited to dive into that world.

Good times.

All in all 2023 has been amazing. So much has happened, and many more things are coming down the pipe-line. Always busy. Always active. Always working.

That’s all for today. See you at the next one.


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