It’s been a hot minute since I wrote something on here.

My apologies.

Recently one day just blurs into the next, to the next, to the…

Busy, busy, busy and the work never ends.

Marketing science fiction is not a simple task. In fact… marketing anything in the independent publishing realm is exceedingly difficult. Granted, some may find it easy or have the money to run consistent campaigns or have the knowledge and marketing skills. Others, like myself, find marketing to be a challenge and I learn something new every single day.

However, I suppose it’s what we signed up for.

Realistic writers/indie publishers understand there’s no expectation of success out of the gate. Anyone who thinks they’re going to publish a book, or a series of books and “expect” it to fly off the shelf on day one, by barely lifting a finger, is living in a fantasy world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Writing a book is easy. Everything which comes after that, is the hard part.

If you don’t talk about your work, if you don’t share your product… it’ll go nowhere. It’ll remain untouched on the digital shelf forever collecting dust.

Since November of 2020, I’ve published three novels. They all exist within the same universe.

Two series running parallel to each other: The Guardian War Chronicles “primary series,” and the Guardian War Chronicles “Companion” series.

The second novel in the “primary series,” The Atlantis Paradox, has a mid-fall publication time frame (yet to be determined) and the third in the Companion series will be finished after Christmas of 2022 with an early 2023 release date (hopefully).

I had to make a decision. Remain stagnant and just do my best to minimally market what I’ve already published? Or… light that fire in my soul again, and finish the sequel(s). Push forward, no matter what.

Maintain a realistic schedule, achieve realistic goals, and keep hammering out content.

To quote Delmore Schwartz–“Time is the fire in which we burn.”

I’d like to keep my burns at a minimum. The fire hurts after awhile, the longer I stand idle.

I’m in possession of my edits for the Atlantis Paradox. My editor is great, and I’ve worked with her on all four installments thus far. She understands the characters, the environment, the plotline and where the series is heading. She tells me exactly what I need to hear, what needs to be said, and leaves no stones unturned. When it comes to pro-editing, one has to have thick skin and leave the ego at the door. An editor may tell you something which stings, but when you finally realize it’s for the “good of the book,” the sting ebbs, and the work continues.

A short snippet of The Surrender Game is soon to be read by a voice narrator and posted on TikTok. I believe I found the perfect voice actor for High Intendant Liberty Bell. On September 14th the section will be read live, and I can’t wait. Literally giddy.

My TikTok channel is growing. 100 new followers in 6 days. Almost 600 watching my out-of-the-box content now with a short term goal of 1000. Once I reach the coveted 1000 follower marker I can go live and have visitors, and other content creators on my channel.

Lot’s happening, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’re a TikTok user and you want to hop on over and support me there, here is the link.

Just a few updates today for those of you who have been following this journey. My freebie promotion ends tonight at midnight PST, so if you want three free eBooks, here is where you can grab them before the promo ends.

That’s all in the tank for today.


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