Everything for Love

As long as the wheels are turning. As long as the fires burning. As long as your prayers are coming true. You better believe it. That I would do anything for love. And you know it’s true and that’s a fact. And I would do anything for love. And there’ll never be no turning back.” –Meatloaf

When my wife was battling cancer treatments, I made a vow.

Do absolutely everything in my power, to bring her back from the brink. No turning back. All in.

It didn’t matter what it was, or what it took.

Break down every wall. Bust through every barrier. Cut every corner. See and scrutinize every angle. Take advantage of every opportunity. Sacrifice.


If you’ve never experienced seeing a loved one undergo such a devastating process, let’s just say you’d never wish it on your worst enemy. The most horrible thing one can helplessly watch. A truly terrifying ordeal.

To cope with the onslaught of madness… I wrote: Poetry, dark poetry, songs, short stories. Character development(s). And during the moments when she was asleep or resting comfortably, I was creating… something. I had to.

It was one of the only methods of maintaining my sanity. I didn’t drink alcohol; having quit on the day of my divorce. I ditched cable, so watching TV was a thing of the past. I wasn’t adept at anything, and all my hobbies and interests were still unexplored. All my DVD’s were watched and scratched. There was nothing on the book shelf I hadn’t read, and nothing in the stores which piqued my interests.

Out of that dark, empty void was when Liberty Bell was born. She was born from necessity.

When I tell people about the Surrender Game, I can’t help but mention that at it’s core its a science fiction story. But what folks don’t realize is even though its soft sci-fi, and action adventure, the Surrender Game is a “love story” through and through.

No doubt about it.

Liberty is at war with her heart. Forced to confront her feelings. She knows what to do, just… not how to do it. She can differentiate between right and wrong, but she does it through the lens of her own personal interpretation. That lens being flawed, and cracked. When she tries to “do the right thing” she becomes a bumbling stumbling idiot and hates herself for appearing “weak.”

As a result of that nagging inner conflict she creates a cold exterior. A self-defense mechanism. Unwilling to show weakness or admit to her wrongs and faults she maintains a callous façade in order to protect herself.

She calls it her personal defense shield.

However, the love she has, overrides all logic and sensibility. What she’s capable of, in the name of love would seem cruel and heartless to any outsider.

Even her adversaries are surprised at her actions… all in the name of love.

She’ll break down every wall. Bust through every barrier. Cut every corner. See and scrutinize every angle. Take advantage of every opportunity. Sacrifice.


Everything, for love.

During a scene in the novel, Liberty is about to return a special item to Tyreel. A blade she had since the age of fourteen.

“I’ve kept this on me since our first encounter. I carry it everywhere I go. It’s always attached to my belt and serves as a daily reminder.”

“Of what?” He relaxed against the wall and let me think on the answer.

The blade bounced in my palm before I flipped it around and extended the handle toward him. “Of what I’m capable of to get what I want.”

This was an area I enjoyed exploring. Thoroughly. What are we capable of, in the name of love? Would we do literally anything? How far are we willing to go? What is the ultimate sacrifice? Is there truly a “right” and a “wrong?”

And who determines it?

In Liberty’s universe those areas are blurred, and fuzzy.

In Liberty’s story, the rules are vague and always in flux.

Possibly one of the primary reasons I fell in love with her. I don’t write to create “heroes.” I believe the hero’s journey is highly overrated. I prefer anti-heroes skating along that fine line of good and evil. Flirting with both sides. Tinkering with morals and ethics. Cause and effect.

Testing capabilities.

Everything, in the name of love. No turning back. All in, no matter what.

Readers are asking for the sequel. If you’ve read the Surrender Game or it’s side-stories and happen to be one of the ones asking, my apologies for not having it done sooner. I had to return to a full re-write. It needing a massive overhaul. It’s nearing completion, now, and I’ll set it aside for a couple of weeks when I’m done, before giving it a final re-read. My editor is ready to take it on and I believe I have secured an artist for the cover.

I suppose that’s enough of the shameless plug. I hope you decide to join me on this adventure and becoming instrumental in assisting in this universe I’m creating. I was desperate to create something new and unique and with your help, I can continue to grow Liberty’s story.

If you haven’t read it yet, no one has said anything bad thus far and I call that a win. I have three novels in Liberty’s shared expanded universe so if you’re looking for something a little different, unrelenting, interesting characters grounded in a comfortable setting with a fast paced plot, here is the link.

For those of you who are still reading these musings and continuing to support me, I love you all. You’re all rock stars as far as I’m concerned.

See you at the next one


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