The Vega Grid Poet

His name is, Garen Arkinn. A soldier, banished for his crime.

Facing a no-win situation he was exiled in his prime.

Alone he lived on Mino’Vah, a hermit, in isolation.

For 30 years he forced himself to hide from civilization.

A Jericho City Senator, finally, found Arkinn’s hiding spot.

And offered Garen an opportunity to provide him a second shot.

“Come work for me,” The senator offered, “Something completely new.

You’ll lead a team and I believe this position was made for you.”

After much debate Garen agreed. His pain will be finally cured.

To have respect once again, and have his voice be heard.

Garen left Mino’Vah and traveled to Jericho City.

Took residence at Exterior Deep and established his leadership quickly.

With a crew of clerics and his estranged family, who once believed he was dead.

He was faced with a daunting task. Thousands of books unread.

The job was seemingly simple. Compile the Exterior’s history.

Gathering data, transcribing, deciphering and unraveling mysteries.

Successful in his endeavors. The Vega Grid translator.

He became wealthy, respected, and lived out his life as the library curator.

To read Garen’s works and reveal all that he uncovered.

Check out the link and dive in deep to tales recently discovered.

Stories of thieves, soldiers, and mentions of a young Liberty Bell.

Gethar, the Kallar, the Omega Gates and the first truckstop hotel.

The Companion novel is only a beginning. More history will be shared.

The Guardian War Companion, I hope to see you there.

Fast forward to a hunter, reckless, compulsive, young.

A Kall’s training assignment, and his day has just begun.

What started as a normal morning, will lead him down a path.

Deceit, deception, turmoil, strife and incurring evil’s wrath.

Not knowing who to trust he makes a decision, brash.

A desperate need to persevere, with the enemy he will clash.

The Hunter’s Proper Name is another Companion story.

Check out the link and read the tale of the hunt for fortune and glory.

A backstory to a character, one of my personal, favorite Kallars.

Check out the origin of this character as he fights among the stars.

Later on at age 46, Liberty Bell runs Truckstop One.

Respected among her colleagues, she lives her life for fun.

She gambles at her casino tables. Eating expensive meals.

Slugging top-shelf Trale with subordinates, and cutting personal deals.

In love with two, she can’t decide, how to handle her calloused heart.

A desire to convey her feelings yet, unsure of how to start.

Meanwhile, along the edges of that sector, an evil making it’s presence known.

The enemy is arriving soon, and she’ll find herself alone.

After receiving a cryptic message from a Brokon mystic crone.

She’ll be trapped within the walls of her sixteen story home.

And be faced with two horrible options, of which neither she can condone.

To fight this fight and defeat her foe all her skills she’ll need to hone.

The fight has just begun, a battle spanning time and space.

A war touching every world and threatening every race.

Destiny has concluded, she’ll save the universe.

Against an ancient evil, cruel, ruthless and perverse.

The Surrender Game is an epic story, ten years in the making.

A time for curling up on the couch and enjoy some time escaping.

Liberty Bell is complicated, a character quite diverse.

Within her comfy, cozy lifestyle she spends her days immersed.

She gets her way, contracts tight, her rules are always law.

However, because of her traumatic fractured past she’s indeed a Narroo, flawed.

She needs some friends, Gethar is one, and Tyreel is at her side.

Lamak is a Docking Ring technician in which she can confide.

When the Guardians come knocking and want to come inside.

She’ll have to run, out-think, and hide in order to stay alive.

Intendant Bell would like to meet you. She needs a few more friends.

To join her in a plot, stuck in a loop, which doesn’t end.

Only one variable introduced, can end the enemy’s war.

Consider giving these novels a chance, and come see what’s in store.


The Guardian War Chronicles can be found at Amazon. I appreciate all the support.

I hope you decide to join us on this journey.

Thanks for being a part of my imagination, and my adventure.

That’s all in the tank for today.


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