At the center of a small field, was a raised platform.

The kind of platform one might see a gallows constructed upon.

Solid wood. Waist high hand railing.

Minus the noose, and trap door with the drop lever.

At the outskirts of the field, was the tree line. Tall pines. Thick overgrowth. Dark, and gloomy.

Rising up from the ground along the field’s edge, was the spooky fog. I approached the railing and gripped it with both hands to get a better look. Leaning forward I squinted and watched the fog break into “fragments.”

Translucent clusters of white wisps rose from the larger mass and entered the forest. Darting from branch to branch. Weaving and snaking through the overgrowth, circling the trunks. Playing hide-and-seek with the other wisps.

A shiver traveled up my spine as a shape took form.

The wisps merged into one, and a small person appeared among the bushes. Curious to what she wanted, and why she was there, I fought off the eerie overwhelming urge to flee as fast as my legs could take me, and I spoke to the fog human.


Instead of answering from afar, calling out her response from across the distance, her voice was right beside me on the platform. Even though she was the size and height of a young child, her voice was right up in my ear.

Hello.” She replied.

Then… I lost my shit.

I vaulted over the hand railing and dropped to the field grass. Roughly a twenty foot drop, but I landed unscathed. I sprinted from the platform and when I turned my head back to the trees I watched what could only be described as “Ringwraiths” taking shape inside the woods.

Shrouded figures. Hidden faces. Their black cloaks ripped, and frayed, trailing behind them in the breeze as they maneuvered among the forest.

I believe before I turned away, three had manifested.

As I was running from the scene, a house materialized beside a dirt driveway. A gray, three story Victorian style home with a tall spire and a Widow’s Walk of which I have no recollection, but I knew I lived there. The field pitched downward into a grass covered hill and I bolted down it. At the bottom of the hill my dog Zoey was sound asleep on the gravel, right beside my Prius.

It was then, I started screaming.

Knowing I was being chased, but too terrified to look behind me I launched myself over the hood of the car and ran to the front door. Zoey jumped up from the dirt and followed me inside as I tore open the door and stumbled into the entryway.

After searching for safety, unable to breathe, stuttering and stammering over my words making attempts to convey my experience to my family and tell them what happened, I dropped to my knees on the floor and placed my forehead on the cushion of the couch. I couldn’t get my words out. I was so filled with fear and dread I was paralyzed and frozen on the floor. I remember grabbing someone’s ankle trying to tether, anchor and ground my consciousness to something tangible. My family gathered around me, asking questions. Trying their best to get it out of me, but all I could muster was shivering, stammering, and convulsing.

Without any warning or deceleration from the dream I woke up, and realized I had fallen asleep on the couch in my Livingroom. The clock read 4:16AM.

The only light on in the house was coming from my laptop sitting on the kitchen table. A beacon beckoning me to start the coffee, sit down, and write out what I had experienced. Zoey was still asleep on her dog bed snoring soundly. Nancy was tucked in safe and sound in the other room.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could have sworn a white wisp darted across the kitchen ceiling, and vanished into the wall. I recalled the creepy “hello” voice and the shivers returned in full force.

Head to toe goosebumps. Every hair on my body rose to full height.

It was then I was unsure if I was still stuck in my dreamscape, or my eyes were playing tricks on me and I needed to wake up some more.

Not wanting to move from the protection of the blankets I tried to return to slumber, but my cluttered mind wouldn’t allow it.

I fired up the coffee and decided on another fun filled installment of the Chronicles of Jere.

Crazy dreams have been plaguing me as of late. I’m journeying to locations which I have never visited before. Or… places I remember vaguely from childhood, but not enough to warrant a visit.

The field across the road from my old high school. The farm I used to ride my bike by when I was a kid.

I never had life experiences at these long forgotten places, so why would my dreams lead me there?

Why would I experience a garden party, at a farm house? A farm house I had never entered in my youth or even stepped foot on the property?

Yet… in my dream, I’m surrounded by people wearing top hats and three-piece suits. Burly men with handlebar mustaches, monocles, glimpsing at pocket watches and the ladies are wearing long flowing gowns with wide brimmed bonnets tied under their chins. The animals are roaming freely around the property and here I am, standing at the center of it all saying, “I remember this place… but why does everyone look like they’re preparing for the World’s Fair? Why do I feel like I’m in the late 1800’s?”

My dreams have been so vivid as of late I’ve had moments where I was hesitant to fall asleep. My brain says, “it’s time to shut down,” and right at that key moment where you feel your mind drifting off to la-la-land, sliding down that tunnel of darkness, I force myself to tear open my eyes.

Almost too scared to experience the next visit to places unknown.

Of course, I can’t go long without sleep. Sleep is one of my favorite activities. I can’t deprive myself of needed rest, but holy moley, talk about immersive.

I wish there was a method to truly study dreams.

I’ve always been curious where the mind actually goes when we reach those dreamscape locations. I have my theories, but nothing I can truly test. Astral projection? Third eye opening? Alternate dimensions? Or, is it simply that spicy burrito we ate for dinner wreaking havoc on our subconscious?

It can’t be the food. I’ve experimented with that theory multiple times, and regardless of what I consume, or don’t consume, food doesn’t seem to serve up an answer or change the outcome(s).

I’m compelled to believe dreams serve a purpose. A teaching tool without instructions. An experience within another realm we can’t explain, nor should we try. A glimpse into another reality beyond the veil of what we experience with our five senses.

However, I wish I knew why I was journeying to these random places. None of it makes any sense. I hate not being able to make sense, from nonsense.

Anyway… I suppose that’s enough of that. I hope everyone is well.

A big storm is coming this weekend. A potential blizzard which is predicting possible “feet” of snow. A “Bombogenesis” bringing significant weather to our area, and it’s time to prepare once again for worst case scenarios. Come tomorrow, I’ll be in preparation mode and ensuring we have all we need to ride out the storm and the havoc it’ll bring in it’s wake. If I find the time, I’ll continue on the Surrender Game sequel.

That’s all in the tank for today.


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