Universe Building

I began this adventure in 2016.

It started with a question, “Where do I begin?”

This blog, was the catalyst. The kick starter event to this ongoing journey I’m on, and the idea came to me while sitting in a movie theater, waiting for the lights to drop and the comedy to start. I had been universe building in my mind for a lengthy number of years, but I had never really put anything down on paper.

This blog, has kept me honest. This outlet has been a guiding tool to help me get from point a, to point z.

Four and a half years to write a novel. Edit, after edit, after edit, rewrites, more edits. Endless reading. Posting updates.

Shopping for an artist. Beta reader feedback. More editing, revisions, more rewrites. Developing a team. Countless hours of research.

In November, of 2020, I took the final leap and published the Surrender Game and it’s companion novella.

Once I completed the last hurdle in the race, I sat back and thought, “What else do you want to do?”

Well, here’s a few ideas.

Since November of 2020, I’ve made a ton of promises to myself. Surprisingly, I managed to keep most, if not all of my promises. Some, are still in the works and we’ll just call those, “In Process”.

Promises I made to me, and only me. I never promised anyone anything, except to myself. I’ve learned the hard way over time, making promises to others can be difficult, because not every promise can be fulfilled. Expectations can lead to disappointment. I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I could be the harbinger of disappointment. I know quite well the after effects of promising a young child to go to the water park on the next sunny weekend, and seeing the disappointment in their eyes when unable to keep that commitment.

“Dad… you promised.”

Stop making promises.

Instead of making potentially empty promises, now, I just “do”.

It’s easier that way,

I believe far too many people are trapped within the mindset of, “There’s so much I ‘want’ to do. So much I’d ‘like’ to accomplish.”

Write them down on paper, and check them off one-by-one. Bring your thoughts into reality. Wanting something, versus going out and making the thing happen??

Two vastly different sensations.

Since publishing, I set forth ideas I wanted to see come to fruition. And checked them off one by one.

–Have a talented musician write a song, based on a poetry piece I wrote.

–Have a cinematic trailer created for my debut novel.

–Have a social media author page.

–Write the Surrender Game sequel.

–Write the companion novella sequel.

–Begin the third installment in the series, and outline the fourth.

–Start a simple merchandise store.

–Build a firepit worthy of a Viking King.

And a handful of other ideas. –Begin retail investing. Set financial goals. Learn a new skill.–Today I submitted the companion novella sequel to my editor.

I had to radically alter my overall mindset when contemplating how I was going to pull off such daunting tasks.

But, when we strip it down, the tasks are not truly daunting. We just have to ‘want’ it bad enough to actually do something about it. Therein lies the tricky stuff because in order to bring our thoughts into reality… takes a shit ton of work, and commitment. A focused mindset.

I will always believe that it’s work worth doing. Manifesting creative thought, and imagination, bringing into existence something, from nothing, regardless of the outcome, or lack of perfection, is a memorable moment. Life changing.

I highly recommend it.

Short post tonight. Been a long week. Twill be a busy weekend. I hope all is well in everyone’s realm.

No crypto talk with Jere this week. Everyone seems to have their eyes on the same token and all the voices are talking about only a few specific assets. I’m just tuning everyone out for a week or so. However, I’ll have my finger on the pulse of the Vegas Saitamask event this weekend, off and on, here and there. Keep my eye on things from a distance, and await the outcome.

That all in the tank for tonight.


The five star rated science fiction novel, The Surrender Game, Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles, is available for purchase on Kindle for only $3.99. Free, with Kindle Unlimited. Please like, share and subscribe below in the provided area to receive a notification of new posts by email or feel free to like my Facebook page to receive information about the Guardian War Chronicles and sequels to come. The Surrender Game cinematic trailer can be found here.

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