The Hunter’s Proper Name

I’m in a bit of a lull, but not really.

Everyone is talking about the world going to Hell in a handbasket, and all I can do… is try as best I can, to find a unique name for a spaceship, which I plan on using to help a couple of side characters complete a daunting quest in one of my stories.

I’m patiently waiting for beta reader feedback and typically during this process, I’ve been known to wait for quite some time before finally reaching out and inquiring to it’s progress, or lack thereof.

I’m fairly patient. I can wait. I do my best and attempt to force nothing, and when I do ask, I try to remain as diplomatic and kind as possible.

I know very well, not everyone thinks and lives like I do. I have to take all variables into account. I needed a break from writing book three. “Deception Program” didn’t hit a stumbling block, I just needed to return to the roots. Delve into a storyline which excited me. I do this exercise everyday, and the more I’m involved in the “writing” practice I’ve become a little faster, and hyper-focused when demanded. If I don’t receive feedback, I’ll work on other projects in the meantime. It helps me maintain that focus.

The beauty and freedom of being a “writer” is having the ability to utilize imagination, in any manner we deem fit for the occasion. Sometimes we just need to break away from the primary plot. Dabble in some poetry. Write a song. Jot in a journal, or in my case… start something else completely from scratch. The occasion presented itself.

It isn’t totally from scratch. I’ve been world building this universe of mine for eleven years, so it’s always been at the back of my mind taking shape in secret, and silence.

It wasn’t until last weekend did I allow it to come to the forefront of thought.

And, to be honest, other than the Surrender Game re-write, it’s the most fun I’ve had with my writing adventures. An absolute blast.

I may have hinted at it’s development a few posts ago, but… full steam ahead now.

Speaking only from opinion, when writing within a grand scale where the various plotlines span time, and space, allowing the imagination to roam free becomes easy.

Readers will hopefully get it. My work has been called “complex,” and as far as I’m concerned, I’m cool with that. Just as long as it makes sense, and readers want to turn the page… good enough for me.

For instance, one novel may be 5000 years in our future, and another in the series, will take place 5000 years in the past. One, might be halfway in between. But, at the end of the ride, everything will tie together in a nice neat little wrapped up package.

At least… that’s the primary goal.

However, the “expanded universe” short stories are just as abundant in scope, and scale. Each character having their own history.

As an example, in the Surrender Game, Tyreel is head of security.

Before that position, he was a lone trucker picking up odd jobs to get by. Before that gig, he was a “gun runner” under the guise of legitimate transport for military contracts. Before he became an exile he fought in the Droll War. Before the war, attending the academy at Dykora. Completing the Oath of the Dykora Clan.

Before the academy, foster care. Before he was adopted by a loving family, he was in a orphanage which was described as a “Torture Hole.”

Before he was placed in the torture hole, his parents were murdered.

I know my characters as well as I know my family. I know what they think, feel… and each one has a “back story”.

I like tinkering with the philosophical concept of what Tyreel might be like, today, or, in a different “time-line” if someone had once helped him in his youth, escape from the Torture Hole. How different would his life be? Would he still be Truckstop One security?

Who knows. Perhaps that idea may be explored in the future.

My Companion novella is a collection of “Tales, Poems and Short Stories from the Exterior.” The Exterior being, the environment where the Surrender Game storyline takes place.

The next installment in the “Tales” collection is titled, The Hunter’s Proper Name.

Anyone who is familiar with the Surrender Game, might have an inkling to what this entails.

I love my Kallarian characters. There’s something about the Kallar I respect, envy, and fear.

Living within the Exterior and abiding by the rules and laws, yet, the Kallar live their own individual separate “way of life.”

At the age of four, a young Kallar (a Kall) will be educated and raised, to become a bounty hunter.

Mothers, are Kall trainers. Fathers are trainers. Respected elder trainers are issued to Kalls depending on the Kall’s level of education and experience.

Before graduation, a trainer will travel with a Kall from sector to sector hunting a high profile target. If the Kall can complete the capture, or kill, during a week’s time (the Initiation Week) the Kall will then receive his “proper hunting name” and an official hunting license will be issued during a grand ceremony at the Red Hall on the Kallar home-world.

After receiving a name, and a license, a hunter can pursue any bounty on the list of known criminals, independently.

If a Kall remains ungraduated, he remains a Kall. Nameless.

Writing a Kall’s story, has become a treat for me.

I get to return to Truckstop One. My second home.

Truckstop One during a time when Liberty was much younger, and still learning the ins and outs of Truckstop ownership. A much different Liberty Bell. Not as mature as we know her today. I get to return to Tyreel, and explore his daily influence over her, as he helps her along in her journey to success.

I get to introduce characters, only touched upon in the Surrender Game.

Liberty and Tyreel become embroiled in a situation which ultimately changes the Exterior forever, and lays out the foundation to the events and situations revealed in the Surrender Game.

Super fun.

And, I’ll keep you posted on it’s development. Stay tuned.

That’s all in the tank for tonight.


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