If “I” had the funds, the folks, and time, I’d start a project grand.

Find some like-minded, decent people and we snatch up a chunk of land.

Clear-cut, dig, and blaze some roads, put our knowledge to the test.

Gather together around a common goal, and begin an arduous quest.

Hunters, farmers, gatherers, builders, fishers, artists and makers.

Musicians, writers, laborers, hobbyists, teachers, tinkerers and bakers.

Lay some foundations and build them strong, under a clear blue sky.

Surrounded by nature, quiet, serene, on each other we shall rely.

One large room will be stacked with games, and a communal eating place.

Acres of territory, fenced by trees, with plenty of personal space.

After power is harnessed, the end result, is our tiny community.

Each member, a function, working hard, toward self-sustainability.

All pitching in toward a greater good the way life’s meant to be.

Reconnected, unified, and living simply.

Labor shared and learning. Writing music. Making friends.

No shortages of tales to tell, some stories will never end.

Walk outside to take a stroll, and a neighbor joins your side.

Not far from town, you both decide, to go and get supplies.

The greater good is always at the forefront of the mind.

The one mistake to never make, is ever being unkind.

And at the center of this sprawling lot, a castle, wide, and tall.

Made of thick cut stone, a centralized room; no need for any halls.

A place to gather when the weather’s tough, or decisions need to be made.

If the summer sun is far too hot, the castle will provide some shade.

Some would say this sounds like madness, crazy, cultish, or absurd.

I say-the opposite is true, its a world I would prefer.

I don’t need convenience, things, or a long drawn out escape.

I wish to create an existence which I can mold and shape.

A place to become the absolute best version of myself.

Redefining wealth, true happiness, energy, and health.

We’ve been disconnected from the source, and I welcome all’a’ya.

To a little place I’d like to build, which I’ve named, Jeretaria.

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