The Matrix Revisited

Today, I return to the Matrix.

My wife is spending time with her friends on the coast for the weekend, and while I have the home to myself, with only a few chores to attend to, I’ll voluntarily revisit one of my all time favorite trilogies and binge watch all three films back-to-back.

Having watched the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections a few times now, (one viewing at 25% speed so I could see each frame), I feel compelled to plug back into the simulation temporarily, on this day of remembrance.

Don’t worry… I can unplug quickly. I’m one of the few who enjoys the power of the mind. I don’t believe my mind is made for the Matrix imprisonment. I checked out and disconnected from the illusory construct years ago.

While the second and third movie are not as well received as the first Matrix installment, I will languish through the less than favorable movie moments regardless, and ultimately see the trilogy for what it truly is in my mind’s eye.

One of the best documentaries ever created. The Watchkowskies were visionaries on levels some can’t possibly conceive.

Documentary?? Fool… it’s just a science fiction movie.

Fool… are you sure?

Anyone can “believe” whatever they want to “believe”. My beliefs just happen to be slightly different than most… and that’s ok.

The Matrix, to me, depicts a true representation of real time current events, and an analogous backdrop to everything our world has become, and where it’s heading.

A simulated construct directly connected to the brain, created by sentient, ugly, destructive, soulless machinations (of our own creation… how ironic) to harvest our energy and life power, providing us illusions of choice, keeping us trapped in prisons of the mind and there we remain until we are drained dry of our life essence until we are nothing more than husks.

Limiting our growth, disconnecting us from our true potential, and stunting our thoughts.

Turning everyone into slaves. Humanity becoming nothing more than batteries, so the evil creatures can continue to survive within their depraved existence.

Sounds about right.

I’m convinced at this point along my journey that the powers that be no longer have an ability to create toward an actual greater good. So, they manipulate “our” thoughts, tell us we are tiny specks of nothingness and random accidents, and violently attack our souls, because they lost theirs years and years ago.

These intelligent machine creatures, power hungry and bent on domination… need us… to exist. So, they allow us to live within their set of rules, but only if we can continue to provide them with what they require. The moment we no longer serve a purpose to their grand collective… we are disposed of.

Imposing laws, rules, dictates and mandates so they can continue to create these vast networks of energy harvesting farms. Using their armies of virus programs and keyboard warriors to facilitate their programmed whims and desires.

And 99% of the world is plugged in, defending the Matrix. And to quote Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black, “Humans, for the most part, don’t have a clue. They don’t want one or need one, either. They’re happy. They think they have a good bead on things.”

I had a couple of friends over last week and we were down in the office lair shooting the bull, having great conversations, sipping coffee, laughing like maniacs, and before they left for the night… I apologized to them both for, “rambling on and on like a moron.”

“No… I like listening to you because you’re a fountain of information.”

It’s too bad that information can’t be shared openly on mainstream platforms. This is a restricted space. You can say whatever you want, just understand, you don’t have a “right” to be heard.

We have to be careful with information. With information comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes “power”.

That’s what the Matrix attempts to restrict. Our power. To steal our soul and leave us helpless, dependent on the monsters to sustain us collectively, and individually. Convincing us we need “them” more than they need us when in actuality, the opposite is true. They don’t want us to know our thoughts are powerful, our minds are mighty, and we do have the ability to say, “I don’t need your simulation.”

But, that’s a journey not everyone can take. I’m just content in the fact “knowing” my soul is intact, and that tiny invisible piece of prime real estate deep inside my being can never be stolen from me.

Into the Matrix I go. I enjoy a good documentary.

Crypto Talk with Jere

I’m hearing good things about Hex. And that’s all I’m going to say on that. It’s in the red today over a 24 hour period… but the overall steady climb over a short time period, is something I keep an eye on. In one week… up 46%. One month? Up 256%.

Arrr took a dip, and that’s OK. It never drops below where it was when I initially made my first investment, so I’m not going to sweat it. Just buying in at the random dips. Arrr’s Halvening has occurred, and the coin will climb. Like any other market, it’s all about patience… and proper timing.

That’s all in the tank for today. I hope all is well in everyone’s realm. Keep fighting the good fight. Be good to each other. Put out the positive energy. There’s more than enough of the negative energy.


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