Rise and Fall

Maybe I should incorporate a routine “crypto” component into these installments. Add a random little ditty near the end, for those few readers who see the “perceived” value in cryptocurrency and like the trivial tid-bits I share on the topic.

I never believed I’d have a crypto following.

What a wild, wild, wild, wild world.

A huge welcome to the new subscribers.

I was asked by the official Pirate Chain (Arrr) Facebook page creator if I’d consider becoming a moderator for his group, and of course, I said yes. Myself, and a handful of others keeping the peace; making sure the commenters are not belligerent, and unruly.

Why wouldn’t I agree to something like that? It’s what I do best……………stretch myself out as thiiiiiiiiin as I can stand it…………………….and hope I don’t snap.

Keeps life interesting. Keeps me on my toes.

To be honest, it probably helps that I’ve checked out of society almost completely. There’s not much for me out there in the “real world” anymore.

Civilization, is anything but civil.

It’s impossible to focus on living and passions, when we’re force fed a maddening slew of distractions.

These activities I engage in keep me rooted, and focused.

I don’t care that I don’t have a big social media following. It doesn’t phase me that the books aren’t flying off the proverbial shelf, rapid fire. I sleep well at night.

All I can continue to do is to keep doing what I’m doing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… I preach that often. “Always be yourself.” Blah, blah, blah.

Following “my” individual path, took me off the beaten trail into parts unknown and I got lost. I found my bearings after a time, but I was indeed in the weeds and thickets for longer than I dare to admit.

Following that path can be a blessing and a curse. Completely unpredictable. But, is it a path worth following? To quote Charre from my book, “Sometimes an unfamiliar path is a path worth following, Intendant. You never know what waits at the end of the journey.”

And I believe that’s what I enjoy about walking this crazy path I’m on. The unpredictability. The vulnerability. The wild ride.

The random book review(s). The new subscribers. The brief conversations. Making connections. The surprises.

My life used to be devoid of surprises. One day just led to the next, to the next, to the next and I knew if I didn’t do something about it, make one little change in my world, a single, tiny, minor alteration, life would continue to be lacking in surprises. Always routine. Always predictable. To the next, to the next, to the next…..

Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing, and researching so much. Not a ton of down time. Maybe that’s why I like “creating”.

Discovery. Exploration.

I enjoy being different. I don’t want to be ordinary.

I thrive in the realm of the strange.

It’s OK to be strange.

I invest my time and energy in activities which might rub some people the wrong way, and that’s OK. It’s not their path to walk. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if we all believed the same thing, this realm would be boring.

And, speaking of investing, how are my cryptocurrency “Diamond Hands” out there?

Now for a brief segment we like to call, “Crypto Talk With Jere.”

The thing which intrigues me the most about the cryptoverse, is what I would classify as “potentiality” for long term investing. Or, short term gains if that’s your thing (shrug). Playing with house money, and moving funds around. I’ve played with house money. No shame. No regrets.

As with any market, there are zero guarantees. Each and every market is volatile. The housing market, gold, silver, oil, crypto, stocks… etc.

However… taking certain variables into consideration, on this date, September 1st of 2020, Ethereum was at $475.00.

365 days ago.

Today, same day, 2021, ETH is sitting comfortably at (Coinbase quick check), $3,788 + change (at time of check) with an 11% increase over the last 24 hours.

42% over the last month.

Will it go down? Undoubtedly. Of course it will. There’s always a crash. Every couple years it seems. When BTC plummets, most everything else goes downhill with it in some variation. All it takes is one Tweet from a TV personality, or some slanderous media hit piece to manipulate the market.

That’s obvious.

I’m fairly convinced at this point within my journey through the cryptoverse the only way to lose out, overall, is to panic sell when the prices drop. It may always sound cliché, but… “hold on for dear life.”

Take a stroll down memory lane on any purchasing site, and check the rises and drops of certain coins over the last five years. One year. Six months. It’s a little wild.

The potentiality is there. That’s almost a given. As investors we just have to have the ability and resiliency to rise and fall with the ebbs and flows of the market. Never jump ship.

In September of 2020, BTC was at $10,000 and change. Today? One year later to the date? Almost $50,000?

Imagine what these grandfathered coins will be worth in another 3-5 years. One year. Ten years. Nothing? Something? Imagine all the new assets which will spring forth as crypto continues to gain steam, innovation, and popularity.

The potential exists for something.

I like to focus on potential.

I suppose that’s enough “Crypto Talk With Jere” for the evening.

I hope all is well with everyone.

I’ve revisited the Surrender Game sequel for another read through. I’m glad I did. Found a few glaring and obvious mistakes, which seemed invisible to me before. While I wait for beta reader feedback I’ve reentered Book Three in the series, and am working diligently on finishing it.

It’s a ton of work… but it feels like work worth doing.

As long as people are reading, and enjoying, I’ll keep writing.

That’s all in the tank for tonight. Be good to each other. Keep being strange. It’s OK to be strange.


The award winning, five star rated science fiction novel, The Surrender Game, Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles, is available for purchase on Kindle for only $2.99. Free, with Kindle Unlimited. Please like, share and subscribe below in the provided area to receive a notification of new posts by email or feel free to like my Facebook page to receive information about the Guardian War Chronicles and sequels to come. My YouTube channel, for those who are interested, can be found here.

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