Apocalypse Warlord

As most already know, in order to write comments on YouTube channels, one has to have a YouTube account.

Make an arbitrary account, and you now have access to leaving a comment, or… making videos of your own.

Early in 2019, when the proverbial poop started to roll downhill, I had created a YouTube channel so I could comment on another creator’s content.

Then… the rolling poop turned into an avalanche, and never stopped picking up speed.

I had decided to then utilize that channel I made, for making comments on other’s videos, to tinker and play around with creating content of my own.

We were trapped in our homes, work was closed, everything shut down worldwide at the exact same time and writing poems, books, and blog posts could only fill the void so much. I wanted to stay off, and continue being free from the television, so I started making silly videos to fill in those empty time spaces.

Just me filming myself, no editing, cuts, or fancy effects; sitting in a dark room at a wooden table talking for 10 minutes, an unscripted stream of consciousness, adorned with dystopian garb, wielding silly props, instructing viewers on how to become a successful “Apocalypse Warlord.”

Having access to land, food and water storage, developing a reputation and image, common sense tactics, foraging and hunting… while adding micro doses of random humor.

Each video ran between 10 and 11 minutes. At the time, I had five videos up before things changed. I was dropping a video every couple of days.

After my first upload, my “debut” video had reached 500 views in the first hour. Ok… that’s kinda cool.

1000 the following morning. Nice… people like it. Gained a few subscribers.

Later that day, the view count dropped to under 100. Then 75. Then 50.

I put out a second video. Same thing. Steep rise in views… sharp drop.

I wonder why that is?

I started doing some research on common issues surrounding view count drops, and the responses are scattered.

Is it the content?

It must be the content…

My third video was just me sitting on the basement bulkhead stairs, pretending to be stuck in “Quarantime” talking about the importance of having an oil lantern, with extra wicks, and plenty of backup oil in storage to always have access to making fire. As long as you can create a spark to light the wick, a match, a lighter… fire is always available.

A must have as an Apocalypse Warlord. Fire is a necessity, and an oil lantern is a great tool.

To survive the darkest days, we must have the ability to control fire.

The views stalled.

They never rose above a certain number, again.

OK… the content sucks. Reset.

Shadow banned?

A couple months later, I deleted all the warlord videos from my channel. Came to the conclusion that the powers that be didn’t like what I was producing… and wanted to end it, before it ever began.

I had some fun ideas too.

Having access to a junkyard, I was going to coordinate with the owner and pretend to outfit a junk car into a Mad Max style vehicle of destruction. Being proficient with a blowtorch, welder, and knowledge in steel work… I had some fun concepts I was plotting out.

Cause, ya know… a good warlord has to have a bad ass set of wheels, to navigate the wasteland.

The channel name has undergone multiple changes since 2019. I believe “Jeremy Morang” was the first name I gave it.

Then, Jeremy M.

Then, Jeremy.

When I became a moderator and channel manager for another creator, I shortened the name to “Mr. J.” and made all my preferences private.

And, it’s been Mr. J. ever since.

As of right now, the only video I have on my channel is my Fiver created cinematic book trailer with a couple hundred views.

Coming soon, after I iron out all the bugs and get all my ducks in a row, I will be returning to making videos.

It’s something I enjoy, and I try and pursue those things I enjoy.

The content won’t be “warlord” related. I may continue to throw in some satirical moments (cause the algorithm can’t filter satire) and I’ll return to topics which interest me, and have captured my attention over time.

I won’t be sitting in front of a green screen recording myself. No one wants to see this ugly mug. Most, if not all of what I’ll be producing will be through screen captures, edits, and narration.

I know it’ll be rough at the onset. It won’t be perfect.

I just want to continue creating “stuff”. Using all this free time to engage in my interests. To continue learning and contributing, in the event others have the same interests as I.

I need to sharpen up some of my editing skills and “master” the software before committing 100%, but… yeah. I’m pretty excited about giving this a whirl. There’s no shortage of topics to discuss.

And over time I’ve learned what can be said, what can’t be said, what’s allowed, and what’s forbidden.

As long as I play within that sandbox, I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it a try, and see how things go.

If nothing else I’m hoping to have some fun.

I suppose that’s all in the tank for today. I want to thank the subscribers for the ongoing support. A shout out to the new subscribers. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I’ll post links in the “about” me section, when all is said and done.

Be kind to each other. Keep fighting the good fight. Chat soon.


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