Nothing Special

I’ve lived in this new neighborhood for just over one year. While I’m a literal stone throw away from the busy areas, it’s truly more naturalistic along this road than I’m accustomed to.

Woodpeckers of the early morning, sound like jackhammers. Chipmunks, are the size of a standard squirrel, and squirrels, are the size of raccoons.

My dog and I were walking the perimeter at daybreak and a squirrel jumped from one tree to another. It literally scared the shit out of me. Branches breaking and falling to the ground under it’s weight. The tree swaying side to side. The critter was three times the normal size, and I had to carefully examine the creature from a safe distance to eventually determine it was indeed a run-of-the-mill squirrel. “Look at the size of that monster.”

Feral cats, are commonplace, “Hey… whose cats are these?”

“No idea. They just live out in the woods.”


Skinny, dark gray. Long, and fast. The “meow” has a low grumble like it had been eating gravel all week. It slinks low to the ground as it watches you across the lawn before disappearing onto it’s “hunting path” along the outskirts of the property, swallowed up in the bushes.

All my neighbors are decent human beings and most times, are helpful. Everyone waves at each other, friendly, smiling and offers assistance. We sit around each others bonfires, or loiter at the end of our driveways and bitch about the ways of the new world. And there’s plenty to gripe about. No shortage of talking points.

My wife befriended a local “jack-of-all-trades” odd job, maintenance man in his early 70’s living a few streets over who seems to specialize in a multitude of things, and after quoting us some prices, we will definitely be using his services, often. Networking with good, knowledgeable, hardworking people who actually give a crap about their fellow human is a must in my world.

Not too shabby around these here parts.

The home is slowly unveiling costly projects, when it feels the need to add a random variable to the life mix, but we’re tackling it day-by-day.

This installment is nothing special. I’m waiting patiently for beta reader feedback on the Surrender Game sequel before taking things to the next level. One thing we have to remember as writers… we are at the mercy of others, most times. Today’s post is probably nothing more than a ramble of sorts to get me over the waiting hump.

When it comes to rambling, though, one has to be careful. Can’t talk about certain things, on certain platforms.

So, today, I’ll just stick with speculative material, which to me… is interesting.

Two things I find fascinating about this town in which I currently reside; and I’ve spent my time at the town office reading their available material on public display (three ring binders crammed with information), and doing some web research; my town is only two square miles in size (2.3). “The smallest town in Maine by area.” 2.2 is land, and .10 is water.

Other than it’s small size, the other topic I find interesting–the town was named after Randolph, Massachusetts, which in turn was named for Peyton Randolph. Peyton Randolph was the first President of the Continental Congress. My town is nestled inside what is considered the Maine micropolitan New England City and Town Area.

General George Washington’s Life Guard, Nathaniel Berry, is buried in the Randolph Maple Grove Cemetery. Berry was the last surviving Life Guard member serving under General Washington.

Something about those facts, resonated with me. With the Kennebec River running alongside… who’s to say something else wasn’t happening around this area, that we as the populace are oblivious to.

I’ve come to the firm belief that history is, and has always been, something other than what was taught in mainstream schooling.

For instance, it doesn’t really take much digging (no pun intended), exploring, reading and research to come to an “understanding” (take that as you will) that the Transcontinental Railroad was never really “created”, placed rail by rail… it was actually and surprisingly, excavated. But… I digress. Everyone interprets data differently. That’s a rabbit hole one can get lost in forever.

“History” is pure fun for me.

OK–enough of that foolishness. Onward.

The book reviews are not rushing in, but the ones I do receive?? I have to be honest… the most recent one left me a little breathless and made me question if I was in the Twilight Zone. I’ve always considered myself humble, blessed in life, not prideful, generous when possible, and quiet for the most part. Talking about myself is, and always will be, restricted to this platform, and after numerous installments, I still feel weirded out when I share information like this.

But, this is my adventure. Here is where I share my life journey.

These Amazon reviews are part of that journey.

Stephyn 5.0 out of 5 stars My honest review – just… WOW Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2021 Verified Purchase I’ve read my fair share of Sci-fi books throughout the years and there are a few that stood out to me, Orson Scott Card’s “Enders Game” and “Enders Shadow” being the most notable. Up until now, I had yet to read a new Sci Fi title that really captured me in the same way as they did and kept me hungrily consuming every page. The Guardian War Chronicles is a momentous avalanche that starts you off with getting to know the heroine of the story, Liberty, and then broadening your horizons to the infinite universe surrounding her. World building to me is one of the most important parts of writing a story, and Jeremy Morang does it well. I was fascinated with the way he wove the narrative of the plot while creating a world of characters that will forever stick out in my mind like Gereth (edit: Gethar) or Tyreel. I would personally recommend this book to everyone and anyone and all I can advise is to sit back, turn open the cover and strap in for a wild ride. 12/10

I mean…really? (sniff)

High five. Double high five to my editor(s). Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

I suppose that’s my shameless plug of the week.

“For less than the price of an extra large coffee, you too can strap in for a wild ride. A momentous avalanche.”

Or, just wait until the giveaways or when the price drops, and then snatch up a free download or a discount deal. Either way… please do a friend a favor and leave a brief review. I want to know what readers honestly think.

For those of you who don’t enjoy the crypto talk, just scroll down to the last line of this installment and bypass the following. I suppose I’m loosely chatting with my new crypto subscribers for the remainder of it.

(My favorite crypto asset)

Pirate Chain’s 4th halving event is quickly approaching. The third since 2020. August is the estimation month but I bet it’ll be sometime in September. After this halving, Arrr (Pirate) could be on track to match XMR’s stock to flow ratio. My second favorite asset. Some are “guestimating” the price increase will jump Arrr to over $8, while others are suggesting it could jump to… $46. (Dammmn) That’s a long shot, but yeah… I can get on board that ship regardless of the price jump.

While Bitcoin will always be king, Pirate will always be private. In the cryptoverse many investors (even those new to the scene, testing the waters as newbies) are seeing the popularity and usefulness of the Arrr coin. The online Pirate shops are popping up left and right, and the marketplace is a vast ocean to explore. And don’t forget– the absolute best in anonymity.

The Denarius Coin took a big hit over the last couple of days. Yeah… I have a love for privacy coins. The D coin dropped from 36 cents to 19. But then… as most of them do… popped right back up again to over thirty. Denarius will take some time to grow, but I have faith it will rise to the occasion when the time comes.

And that concludes the trivial crypto talk for today. Ramble post, complete.

I hope all is well in everyone’s realm. It’s a bit chaotic out there, so please take care of each other. Be kind to one another. Focus on joy, creating, building, growing, sharing and helping when possible. In a world of division, let’s continue to network, and connect.

And now… I go and try to finish the lawn mowing. With this oppressive heat and humidity, I’ve had to tackle it in sections. A big hairy Mainer like myself… doesn’t do well in the summer.

That’s all in the tank for tonight.


The award winning, five star rated science fiction novel, The Surrender Game, Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles, is available for purchase on Kindle for only $2.99. Free, with Kindle Unlimited. For the Surrender Game cinematic trailer, check out the link. Please subscribe below in the provided area to receive a notification of new posts by email or feel free to like my Facebook page to receive information about the Guardian War Chronicles and sequels to come.

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