I opened social media this morning…





…and completely regretted it. 45 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

Sipping coffee. Energized. Rejuvenated from the labors of the day before. Awake. Rested. Ready to tackle the priorities and obligations of the work morning. Sitting at my desk, chilling, smiling, feeling good about life and thought, “huh… I wonder what the news outlets are saying about the world, right now? You haven’t been there for a while.”

Are you sure you want to do that? Remember what happened the last time you ventured into the “real world”. The surface realm is not what it seems.

Meh… it’s been some time. Might as well.

I jumped into social media, scrolled through the news section for 45 or so seconds, and then jumped right back out; shaking my head… slightly nauseous. Sapped of energy.

No time for any of that nonsense.

Told ya so.

I’m so very pleased I’ve decided to no longer volunteer my power, and precious energy, to any more of that hot garbage, nonsense, B.S.

It’s a disgusting mess out there.

As a result of that calamity, fear, and the chaos being projected onto the masses, I’ve decided to remain in Wonderland.

And, here I will stay, until I see fit.

Wonderland is more fun.

Rabbit holes; deep, branching into other tunnels. Special doors with special keys. Various levels of exploration, and danger. Strange characters, occupying bizarre and trippy realms. Unique things to see and experience. New ways of thinking. New ideas to mull, and explore. Different.

I thrive on different.

And, I’m about as far down the proverbial rabbit hole as one can get. I purchased a nice little villa on the outskirts of Wonderland and I have a nice view of the neighborhood.

If you were to ask my close friends or family what I believe, or more importantly… what I don’t believe, they would honestly tell you. You’d either ignore it, carry on with your day and chortle at my expense…

… or, your head would explode.

People have a hard time slapping a label on me, and I understand why. I’m not religious, but deeply in tune with what I would call my, “spiritual side”. I’m not highly educated, but can keep up in most conversations. I’m about as A-political as one can be. I have no affiliations, camps, or chosen sides. I represent no one. I have no loyalty to anything outside my circle of people. If I hear something as “truth” I research the $hit out of it, until I’m able to come to my own conclusions, and never, ever, ever take anyone’s word as gospel, on anything. EVER.

While the masses are busy posting on Instagram, arguing on Twitter and other various platforms… here I am… over in a dark corner… under a desk lamp, eyes frozen open, browsing various declassified documents, and F.O.I.A requests. Reading old books. Researching the esoteric and occult (bearing in mind Occult = secret… not evil). Exploring alternate concepts, the ancient world, and the antiquitech of those time periods.

I have a map collection, which is slowly growing, and will eventually cover an entire office wall.

Frothing for more history.

I don’t care about current events. I am deeply interested however in the history never taught in contemporary schooling criteria.

I’ve found within that realm of exploration, is where I belong.

Navigating Wonderland can be tricky. Many paths and multiple doors to walk through. It’s easy to get lost.

But, being lost down the rabbit hole is where I prefer. The surface world makes no sense. I can’t justify giving it my energy and time anymore.

Anyway, I know my path is always going to be different than the paths traveled by others, and I’ve come to accept that hard fact. If everyone believed in the same thing, all the time, this place would be boring.

In the end, I just have to be happy with who I am, what I’ve become, what I’ve accomplished in life, what I’m going to strive for in the near future, and beyond, and what I’m going to do… to get me there. However-

I’ve come to the conclusion that journeying through Wonderland is going to help get me, to where I need to go.


Brief update for the Bellians. The Surrender Game sequel is currently with beta readers. My editor is looking forward to working on it.

The Surrender Game paperback will be released soon.

Once it’s all set up, my merchandise shop–The Guardian War Chronicles Store–will be live. I’ll post links when all is done and said.

According to the stats posted yesterday, The Surrender Game was sitting nicely in the #3500 spot for science fiction/adventure. That felt pretty good…

Book Two in the Guardian War Chronicles series, is near completion. Rise of the Merma is on it’s way.

Stay tuned.


The award winning, five star rated science fiction novel, The Surrender Game, Vol I of the Guardian War Chronicles, is available for purchase on Kindle for only $2.99. Free, with Kindle Unlimited. For the Surrender Game cinematic trailer, check out the link. Please subscribe in the provided area to receive a notification of new posts by email or feel free to like my Facebook page to receive information about the Guardian War Chronicles and sequels to come.

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