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Starting today, fans of the Surrender Game protagonist, Liberty Bell, the High Intendant of Truckstop One, will henceforth be known as, “Bellians”.

Intendant Bell is a bit of a Hellraiser and a rebel to the core, so Bellian seemed fitting.


A warm welcome to the new subscribers. Thank you for joining us in this adventure. My world is a better place, now that you’re in it. And, for those who have supported me, my work, and my madness since day one…

… I have no words. You’re all rockstars.

Literary Titan is quoted as saying, “Liberty Bell is a lot of things. Pick your adjective.”

This is true. She’s a space pirate. A space pirate, without the need for a ship. Her riches, coins, jewels and gems, come to her. She never has to leave home. Never worrying about having to go out and plunder. She works her crew, manages the business, and the currency flows.

However, when needed and without a second thought on the matter, she’ll manipulate, cheat, threaten, and trample across the backs of others to get what she wants in life. Never leaving any marks or evidence in her wake. A professional swindler.

And those poor, poor souls she beats up along the way, always return for another round. It’s a symbiotic relationship. She needs her clients, as much as they need her.

Her clients understand the rules of the game, just as well as she. They know when they’re being played, or manipulated by the High Intendant. Because the rules are clearly defined, and etched in stone, an alternate option of currency disbursement and revenue was designed out of the minds of the masses, out of necessity.

The need for privacy.

The need to safeguard and protect profits from prying eyes. Hide data so someone outside the coded contract would see nothing but confusing, unhackable digits. Transactions: secret, coded, and meant to work between two party members with wireless transfers. Personal. Private.

And before you ask, no. This is not turning into a crypto blog. While crypto may be a part of what I do in my investment world, 30 minutes out of my week, it doesn’t define who I am. I just enjoy talking about it with other investors, and folks who may be interested.

I do have a special place in my heart for “Privacy Coins,” however.


(Slap hand over mouth) Privacy coins? Say it isn’t so!! That’s what the bad guys use!

(insert eye roll)

My favorite privacy coin, is Arrr.

AKA, Pirate Chain.

Sure, it’s fun, and “ok” to have stakes in meme coins (if that’s your thing), and investments in the bigger names like Bitcoin and Ether, Monero (XMR) is another favorite, and popular coin. I have investments across multiple assets.

But, there was something unique and special about Pirate Chain.

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the developers of Arrr (Captain Draeth) in a zoom meeting on a podcast with a bunch of fellow Arrr investors. It was great, and what the team is bringing to the table, the surge in popularity, and what the Arrr community is sharing, and bringing into existence, let’s just say it’s a great time to be alive and a full time pirate.

If Blockchain technology existed in my sci-fi universe, I’m convinced everyone would be using Arrr.

Of course, if you are unfamiliar with crypto, then this analogy means absolutely nothing to you, and I get it…

However… if crypto investing is in your wheelhouse… I suggest Pirate Chain (knowing up front, I am not a financial advisor).

I have faith in the bigger name coins, what I call “the grandfathered coins” (the ones who have been around for a while) and the Pirate Chain asset is one of those coins I have a ton of faith in. It’s so strange to say something like that about a system existing purely within a blockchain universe.

I’m fairly convinced at this point that people who have stacks and bags in their treasure chests and lite wallets, getting a slice of the Arrr asset when the price drops a bit, will be quite “happy” in the near future.

OK… enough of that.

The Surrender Game sequel, Rise of the Merma, is now ready for my editor to beat it up for awhile. I always look forward to it’s return, covered in red lines and strikethroughs, with comments down the side. I’m sending it away in early August, and then, the cover art work begins. I was nervous about the sequel, but I quickly got over it and muscled through. I had to kill off a few darlings, tweak a few loose ends, and dig into my inner space pirate to find it’s completion. I’m happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to share it.

That’s all in the tank for tonight. Be good to each other.


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