Pull the Trigger

Before I begin, I wanted to take a moment and thank the new subscribers.

Since day one I’ve needed a spot to unload my madness, and social media no longer holds a special place in my heart. Yeah, there are a handful of folks who read my musings within the social media arena, but, the majority of readers come “here” outside of social media, and “here” is where I prefer. It’s more comfortable in here.

Five years later… the madness continues.

We all have a little madness in us. Right?

Right or wrong, I simply choose to dump mine, here.

And, within the confines of this “brand new world,” there’s plenty of madness to go around. So… welcome. This is a safe space. The train is moving steadily along. No final destination and plenty of room aboard for fellow adventurers. Like the Snowpiercer train, we just keep on plowing through the obstacles and trudging through the dark and cold, hoping the villains don’t get the best of us.

I believe the tipping point for wanting to end my eventual relationship with social media is the fact that there’s a whole lot of talking, and not much action. It hurts my brain and I no longer belong on that train. I still have to utilize social media a little. I can’t quite cut that cord just yet.

The incessant complaining. The “education” provided from our armchair experts, and Wikipedia addicts. The fact checker boxes. The keyboard warriors screaming into the internet abyss thinking their opinions, and beliefs, are somehow going to change the world; based exclusively on the idea that their typed out messages are in all caps, with a few exclamation marks at the end accompanied by a profound Meme, or an article link which was created by someone else, based on someone else’s opinions, words, and beliefs.

Do you feel fulfilled after that online debate, and long argument with a total stranger? Was that time worth spending? Do you feel as if you actually contributed to the greater good?

Perhaps you do. If so, social media is probably a good fit for you. Perhaps those micro- dopamine shots as a result of a few thumbs up, and the heart emojis are enough to sustain the psyche.

In my travels across the realm, I’ve come to understand that social media is really nothing more than a platform, and battlefield, for an unending ugly, ugly war between beliefs, and opinions.

Not for me.

“Here are my thoughts. I think this, and that, and I’m angry about it all.”

“Well, have you ever considered “this” before?”

“I didn’t come here to argue with you. Get off my page.”

Block, block, delete, block, delete.


Most times, I keep my opinions to myself, unless asked. The last thing I’m going to do is impede on someone’s free-will and “force” my opinions on someone else, regardless if they try the same on me.

They don’t want any part of what I think, or believe.

You do you, and I’ll do me. If we can come to that higher thinking, middle-ground crossroads, or find a mutual connection, then cool. Let’s chat, and have a positive interaction. Sharing good, wholesome energy.

My rush comes from the results of positive “action(s).”

“Actions” will always speak louder than words. The true source of positive Karma.

Thoughts, beliefs, and words will only go so far.

Those microscopic dopamine hits are a temporary sensation. A fleeting moment.

The results of actions, are an extended rush of energy, which is long lasting, addictive, and worth every second.

If my actions (even small and subtle) can help someone else, in anyway, I know (not believe) a cascade effect will follow, and more positive energy is then distributed into the ether.

This is part of my journey. Never talking the talk. Always walking the walk the best I can, within my abilities. Knowing (not believing) that the positive energy will someday return to the source. In the meantime, however, my actions will have to suffice.

The return can wait. I have no expectations of reciprocation. I just have to keep being me.

If nothing else, I can say I lived a “good” life, tried my best, and pursued positivity.

I feel great knowing I helped others within my capacity. It’s not a chore. It’s not even laborious and difficult anymore. It’s a part of who I am, and what I strive to become.

We need to practice what we preach. If actions don’t follow the words spoken, most times it’s nothing more than words. Should we allow our words to become swallowed up into the abyss of the internet archives, buried deep down with all the other thoughts, beliefs, and opinions…?

Or, should we take action and help the person to our right.

If we each took a little time out each day, to help the person to our right, or left, or across the road, or a family member, someone in need, or the folks within the tribe, this world would become a better place. Thinking it will become better, will get us nowhere.

Continuing to manifest thoughts into reality through positive “action”. Literally creating a better world.

We all have to start small, and somewhere, but even the smallest of actions can lead to greater good, and a larger cascade effect.

I just had to work up the courage to pull the trigger on manifesting my thoughts into my reality, and that required action on my part. It can be scary just living with the thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. We want the world to hear our voices. We want to bellow it from the roof-tops.

But, the actions are what make all the difference.

I’ll continue to try and allow my actions to speak louder than my words. I’ll make mistakes, but I’ll embrace the errors of my ways and allow those mistakes to help me along the journey. One hour at a time. Always making the attempt to be better than we were the day before.

That’s all in the tank for today. Heading out to the back of the house to burn some scrub brush, and yard debris. The coffee is strong, and I have to cook up some chow really quick and take my four legged friend out for a property stroll. I hope all is well in everyone’s realm.


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1 thought on “Pull the Trigger

  1. I must confess, I am remiss in reading your book, as I’ve been quite occupied with mine, which should be out in October. My connection to you and your daughter is through a photograph, as are some others. Behind every image there’s a story, and visual storytelling is what I try to archive through my work. I’ve met and interacted with many other photographers in the virtual sphere, and now I want to attempt gather some of them together in the physical sphere, which is probably like herding cats! What you wrote, that is tattooed on your daughters arm, has become my mantra during these crazy times. I attempt to convey my opinions and such through my photography, my bully pulpit, so to speak. Works for me! Btw, did you live in Portland in the 70’s? It was a very different city from what it is today. My editor asked me to write a short piece on my feelings about how Portland has changed over 50 years, and this is what I came up with. Cheers! J

    On Sun, Jun 13, 2021, 1:05 PM The Chronicles of Jere wrote:

    > The Chronicles of Jere posted: ” Before I begin, I wanted to take a moment > and thank the new subscribers. Since day one I’ve needed a spot to unload > my madness, and social media no longer holds a special place in my heart. > Yeah, there are a handful of folks who read my musings withi” >

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