A Game of Coins

As 2021 drags on, I find it increasingly difficult to find things to talk about. Most times, the things we “want” to discuss, are censored into oblivion, or relegated to private talks, face-to-face, in a dark room. Because my opinions are less than popular (outside the immediate circle) and I’m fairly certain no one wants to hear about what I read, research, or my day-to-day job, or my leisurely activities and yard work–finding discussion topics has become a challenge. Everyone who has joined me on this adventure, thus far, knows I enjoy writing, and dabbling in poetry, telling stories, and making strides to always be who I am but other than self-promotion (something I’m not entirely fond of), the blog arena has become a little stagnant.

For that… I apologize. It is what it is, I suppose.

I’m not an editor, so I won’t speak on editing. I’m not active in social media, paying very little attention. I don’t have many skills. I don’t watch TV anymore. I learn as I go. My life interests are narrowed down now to a handful of subjects. I’m a bit hum-drum.

I’m a hard worker and (checking them off one by one) I have specific life goals I wish see come to fruition. I believe those are my two defining characteristics. I take care of my family, and I do my best to allow my actions to speak louder than words.

Luckily, there is one subject which has yet to be targeted for elimination, and full censorship. We can still openly discuss one interesting topic (well… interesting to me at least), and that is the topic of cryptocurrency. What I have called, “The Game of Coins”.

My interest in this topic has a unique backstory. Stemming from the days of my world building for The Surrender Game. Back then, I had no idea of “blockchain technology” or how crypto functioned in the real world. Not a clue… I had heard of Bitcoin years, and years ago (when it reached around the $8.00 mark), but, never put much thought into it.

However, I wrote about it, long ago, when breaking down on paper how my “currency” is used, exchanged, stored, their perceived intrinsic values, and how the tech is used, within the realms of my science fiction universe.

The “crypto miners” in my science fiction stuff, are the “Bookkeepers”. The Bookkeepers are stationed at the “Central Vault” where they process the fees for digital transfers based on deliveries of services and goods, proof of work, allocating the currencies to where they need to go, counting and recording piles of jewels and gems with a public ledger, distributing to the account holders, divvying profits all involving a network of coding and centralized nodes and relay stations where updates and transfers are completed in real time.

It was always the psychical currencies in my novel: nuggets of gold, copper pieces, various colored diamonds and thin coins of pressed silver, which were used for shady, underhanded, nefarious purposes.

Crypto technology and how it all works is neither here or there at the moment. Complex coding. A whole new language to learn with various anacronyms to wade through. Crypto isn’t for everyone. Only 1-2% of the world uses it and only 3% of the U.S. is involved.

But… it’s something I use. Something I enjoy very, very much.

It’s something that works for me and I like to utilize the tools that work for me and help me achieve my goals. I know how to navigate the game of coins. I made some initial errors in the first days, but later considered the errors to be beneficial, because I learn from my errors. I try and figure out what I did wrong, and then try and not be wrong a second time.

Other than novel writing, making songs and poetry, with a random game of Risk with friends now and then or watching a show with the missus, it’s quite possibly the most fun I’ve had in many, many moons.

Strategy. Timing. Analysis. Research. Outside the box thinking. Contingency planning. Comparing “white papers” to other coin’s white papers, and making decisions based on the asset’s potential and real world value. Watching the trends. Scrutinizing the marketplace…

A friend randomly brought up the subject not too long ago during our weekly cup of coffee. We had a couple hour discussion about it, and as I’m conveying the importance of the understanding that I am “NOT” a financial advisor, my friend departed my driveway with two crypto wallets, stored assets, and knowledge of how to properly navigate the exchange programs as necessary.

I will never tell anyone what to do, but I have no qualms sharing what “I” do.

Since becoming involved in this endeavor, I’ve exchanged and used currency in ways I never thought possible. I’ve written a 10 page tutorial (with screen shots) on how to get a specific asset from purchase, through an exchange, and into it’s designated wallet, and people who have used it to invest in their assets of choice.

Four folks in my circle all now have stored assets, to include my wife. I never saw that one coming.

This weekend I’ll be assisting a friend get into a third wallet. The YouTube channel I moderate has a huge crypto component and my services are paid in cryptocurrency. I personally have a diversified portfolio with a total of five wallets. As a member of an earning team I’m also working with a large group on mining a coin that has yet to achieve intrinsic value. Hoping for a wallet release by end of 2021, and then, the real fun begins. When all is said and done, after acquiring the right items, I’ll be mining Ethereum on the side, hopefully, by the end of June. July if I need to stretch out the time a bit longer. I’m in no rush.

I suppose when it interests us, we go all in.

I’m all in.

I’ve been all in since beginning this, it’s an ever evolving world, and there’s no chance I’m leaving.

2020 was a challenge, at first. I had to come to an hard understanding of what it was that I no longer thought I needed. Do I need that new “thing”? Do we go to the steak house, again, and drop $80.00? Do we need that? What can we do without?

Those questions became easier to answer as 2020 dragged on to the end.

And when I came to understand what I needed in my reality, how I used “currency” changed into something altogether different.

Of course… there will be the haters: it’s a scam. It’s volatile. Pointless.

That’s cool. Like I said, it’s not for everyone. I just know I like it, and it works for me. Not everyone likes writing books, poetry, or songs. Not everyone enjoys the same hobbies, or investments…

We all have to find that thing that works for us. I continue to seek that thing which helps me define, me.

That’s all for tonight. The tank is empty. I hope all is well in everyone’s realm. I find the cryptoverse quite unique, satisfying, fun, and thought provoking. Sorry if the topic was off the main road barreling down a barely lit trail in the middle of nowhere, but, hey… it’s kind of been that way since the beginning. No regrets.


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