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I’ve been recently informed by a long time subscriber that some folks are no longer receiving email notifications after I post. I contacted the “help desk” for information as to why, and per usual, they were not much help. Telling me all appears normal on their end and they don’t know what the problem is.

“Now, please rate us with this ten minute survey. How did we do helping you with your problem today?”

If you’re a long time follower, or, new to this site within the last few months, please check your spam/junk folders. My random musings might be popping up in there now. I suppose it is what it is and I can’t do much to rectify that. My settings have never changed, so I’m not sure what’s happening. I don’t believe it’s shadow banning, or random censorship, however… if it is, I do have my suspicions why.

In the YouTube, and alternate streaming platforms, I travel with some fairly censored creators, and if the algorithms are indeed targeting not only “non-mainstream content sites” but the comment sections as well… the problem might be in there somewhere. Or, folks are just sick of me, and I can’t do much about that either. I’ll always be me. This site is where I decompress. If you want fake and phony, this place is not for you.

Regardless… onward!!

A huge shout out to the new subscribers! I love you all. Welcome aboard, and thanks for joining me on this adventure.

I never believed in a million years I’d have this many adventurers at my side. When I posted my first installment, in 2016, I was terrified to commit. Ready to be torn to shreds. Prepared for scathing comments, trolls, and spammers, but, pleasantly the opposite has occurred, instead. It’s quiet in here. Safe. Relaxed. Even after almost 200 installments.

A short post today. I have a consultation later and tons to do this weekend and I must prepare.

Today’s topic (if you want to call it that), is a quick question and answer session. Some back-story, and behind the scenes information. A peek around the curtain. If I’m asked questions about my work, I’ll probably address them here. So… ask away.

I was asked why I named the Surrender Game main character, Liberty Bell.

When discussing it in the author interview, about her character development, she was originally designed to be the sweet, charming “southern belle” bed and breakfast owner. Pinky up. Flowing gown. Adorned with sparkling jewels. A heart melting smile. Her guests longed to be in her presence.

Maybe a bonnet.

After careful consideration, and making attempts to remain honest and true with my characters, Liberty underwent a radical transformation, and the opposite was the outcome. A “true” product of her environment.

The “E” on Belle was dropped off the end, long ago, during the life time of her great-great-great grandparents, when most of their fractured civilization had migrated to Narroo along the edge of Sector Three.

In the Companion story, I introduced one of Liberty’s ancient ancestors (a little Easter Egg), a galactic trucker named, Tiran Belle.

Liberty exists within a family tree of galactic truckers and harvester pilots which dates back thousands of years. Dating back to that period in history not long after the first of the four Omega Gates were constructed.

She was born into the industry, her father, being one of those long range truckers, a copper and silver harvester; scouring dead worlds for precious resources, following the steps of his father, and grandfather before that.

Liberty’s father being a trucker in charge of a small crew, duty dictates a yearly oath to be preformed among witnesses, and a declaration publicly made, and recorded, for posterity. The final phrase of the trucker creed, “do this not for fortune and glory. Not for profit, riches or coin. A new family waits at the Omega Gates, a brotherhood to join. With each jump through the portal. An aching, to be free. We’ll all find our place, in deep outer space, in our search for liberty.”

Liberty’s mother was a book-keeper and part-time librarian for their small village. Father was away on a mission, absent during the childbirth and he was replaced by two mid-wives.

Having never discussed it to completion, initially unsure of a proper first name and alone in the decision making process, mother had a lightbulb moment. Mother whispered to her new born, “Liberty. Someday you’ll be able to do what ever that little heart desires (Liberty meaning “freedom” and the ability to do whatever one desires in their life).

With a devoted and loving father entrenched in the trucking industry, respected among his community and competition, making decent coin, Liberty’s mother seemed it a fitting name. Paying homage to father, and the trucker credo.

My fleet of truckers long for travel, the “open road” and… liberty. Living life the way they desire. No restrictions. And all truckers know they’re the backbone of that region of space named the Exterior, and the worlds existing within it’s borders. Without their labors and sacrifices, the Exterior would implode.

Liberty Bell was born, and from the age of fourteen, into her adult years, she lived life exactly the way she wanted. She did whatever that little heart desired.

Liberty Bell made the rules.

And, in her volatile and unpredictable surroundings, rules were necessary.

“Strict adherence to the rule of law at all times was a sure way to end up dead.”

She created her own laws.

In her prophesied, cyclical, cosmic landmark battle with the ultimate adversary–Liberty comes to understand all the rules can be thrown out the window.

In the Surrender Game, there are no rules.

The award winning science fiction novel, the Surrender Game is available for purchase on Kindle for only $3.99. Please subscribe in the provided area to receive a notification of new posts by email or feel free to like my Facebook page to receive information about the Surrender Game, the Guardian War Chronicles, and other installments to come. Please give this a like if you like it, share with others to help spread the love, or leave a comment if you wish. Be good to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon and see you at the next one.


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