Saving the World

Not too long ago I had written a lengthy post, but, I then deleted it in it’s entirety.

I was told by a trusted source it was a humorous installment, and that was the post’s intention, trying to be funny, making light of the whole fiasco, to emphasize my point… but something about it didn’t feel right.

“IF” I had posted it, readers would’ve seen a very different side of me. The side I don’t show. The side that can be frictional, oppositional, confrontational, and controversial. The dark side of Jere.

I utilize the Chronicles of Jere to portray, and share, a very specific side of me, and I should leave the other side of me, alone. At least publicly.

I was placed into an uncomfortable situation not long ago. A situation where I had three distinct paths from which to choose, to find a solution.

Each path was calculated. I knew the potential repercussions of each option a few moves in advance, and I proved this by rattling off the moves to my opposition in real time. If certain “person” said “X”, I knew I was coming back with “Y”.

And, then, tell the “person” what was going to be said next, before it was said.

Like a chess game. “If you move that piece, I’m pushing this one. And if you try this move over here, I’m going to counteract with my bishop, and take your queen. Really think it through before choosing your move.”

“Person” said “X” to me… and I responded the only way I know how.

That post has since been dumped, due to the idea that if my words could ever be taken out of context, misconstrued, or lumped under the umbrella of… well… let’s just say I don’t want anything to do with that action. I have to keep my beliefs, and ideas to myself, especially now-a-days. Not everyone can handle it.

I keep my beliefs and opinions quite close to my chest in most cases.

So, with all that said, when faced with an uncomfortable scenario, I am then forced to leave my personal beliefs, opinions, and ideas, out of the scenario equation. I have to rely on something else.

To be level headed, calm, rational, and common sensical during a heated moment, takes a little finesse. One has to be a bit fearless as well. Not allowing emotions to play a factor, reduces the defense and counterstrike to nothing but sheer logic.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to understand logic. When forced to engage in a situation, logically, applying common sense within a charged environment, can make folks short circuit. Most times, they don’t take it well.

In the end, two of the three provided options would have led me to some nasty outcomes, and I knew that beforehand. So, ultimately, to keep a long story short, I provided some brief short-term resistance, and then chose the solution path of least resistance. It was better for everyone. My point was made.

After that, I then I disconnected from the Matrix again, and bailed on social media for a time. I didn’t need anymore negative energy compounded. I’d snoop around in the morning during a cup of coffee, see what the world was yelling about, but not for too long.

I slipped away elsewhere for a spell. We all need those cleansing moments.

Wash all the gunk off.

That’s where I vanished to.

Coming back however, I return with hopefully good words; yet, as always, that may be up for interpretation.

Circling back to the roots.

The original purpose of this site.

This current world paradigm is an exhausting one. The realm has radically changed. Transformed around us while we watched in real time. Even for an introvert, it’s a bit bothersome. I’ve found the only way to properly navigate, is to focus on the passions.

Focus on creating… something.

I believe that’s what we do best, even if we struggle through it. We create. We make stuff and build contraptions and from muddled concepts and rough sketches we cobble together things from scratch, and find the experience rewarding. Fulfilling.

If we fail, or fall flat, we brush off the dust and try again. Learn from our mistakes and move forward.

Allow the imagination to roam free. Find something to be passionate about. Even if frustration comes into play, it helps heal the mind when the mind is in pain. Be a creator. The world needs real healing, and only creators can facilitate that process.

If you’ve been thinking about dusting off that old guitar in the corner which has been nothing more than a coat-rack over the years, stop thinking about it. Clean off the cobwebs, shine it up, tune those strings, and get on YouTube. If you’ve been hesitant to open that old document and finish the short story, or book of poetry, listen to that gut (which has been nagging at you for weeks), and open it back up. Fix the glaring mistakes, and share that art with the world.


Find something positive to connect to within the quagmire of negative. It’s all within arms reach, but we have to make the decision to engage with those things we love. Make art. Write lyrics. Dabble with music. Sing songs. Create things. Make videos. Learn new skills. Share it with anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. Even if it’s only a few people.

Even if you think you can’t. “I suck at this.”


The world needs you right now. The world needs heroes.

And not all heroes wear capes and costumes.

I’d like to think somehow, someway, even in the micro fractional, I’m doing some good in this realm. We only need to inspire one other person, to create a potential domino effect.

I suppose that’s all the preaching for today. I’m climbing down off the soapbox.

I hope all is well in everyone’s realm. The world is a crazy place right now, and only we can create sanity within the insanity.

I choose to remain sane. We have enough villains to contend with. I’ll continue to try my best to be a hero to someone.

I may not always succeed, but I’ll always try.

Be good to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon.


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