I’m super excited.

Over the next couple of days, once I have access to the preliminary design(s), I’ll be working on the first batch of revisions for a sixty second “book trailer” for the Surrender Game. I can’t be certain at the moment if alterations will be needed out of the gate, but, with the opportunity for unlimited revisions, I may find things I want to tweak or remove. A bridge to cross.

The best thing about this entire process, other than the kind words and seeing imagination come to life, is the fact I don’t hold fast to any expectations. To have expectations, is to allow potential for disappointment if said expectations are not met.

I’ve found that mentality to be quite rewarding. I don’t expect anything. I’ve always allowed what I do, to be as organic as possible. Low stress. Enjoyable. Not caring about the pay-out, or lack thereof. Just… doing what I love. That “thing” which makes me feel good inside.

That’s what it’s all about, right?

I can think of three artists in my normal life who engage in thier active imaginations daily, and expect nothing in return. Participating, for no other reason, than it makes them feel good. It’s that exciting moment when someone sees the art and says, “Hey, I like that. Can I buy it off ya?”

It moves beyond self-gratification at that point. A realization that our influence, subtle or otherwise, can have a positive effect on others in some fashion. If my imagination brings any joy to someone else… I’ll keep doing it. I don’t have much to offer, or any skills to display, so by default, I work within my provided paradigm.

I don’t engage in this lifestyle, for any other reason, than having a ton of fun seeing my thoughts come into existance. Anything after the fact, someone else’s enjoyment, is just a little something extra. A palate cleanser.

I wanted a book trailer. Heart and soul.

Cinematic. Fast pace. Engaging. Special effects. Customizeable.

I think I found the right group of folks to assist with that.

A lot of content can be crammed into sixty seconds.

I should be receiving the first draft on 1/7. Once we’re done, and everything is finalized, I’ll be sure to share it. I’ll be slapping it on my YouTube channel first, and then sharing it here. It’ll trickle out to the social media areas shorty after.

I may keep the next installment short and sweet and just name it, “Trailer Release”. If you want in on that, for when the trailer drops, please subscribe in my horribly cluttered subscription area.

I’ve decided to re-enter the Twittersphere. If only to support those I enjoy. I’ve never had a full grasp on Twitter operations. Suppose it’s time to keep jumping into the water head first.

A warm welcome to the few folks who have subscribed recently. You honor me with your prescence and support. I can’t thank you enough for jumping aboard and seeing where this madness takes us.

A brief installment tonight. Keeping my peeps in the loop. I anticipate where the imagination will go next. I’ll keep you posted…
Be good to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon.


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