Against the Grain

I’ve been a bit more vocal as of late.

I’m comfortable in my own skin now, for possibly the first time in over a decade.

Often times, my opinions and beliefs fall on deaf ears, and I’ve come to accept that.

I’m not an expert on… anything. Nor do I want to be. I do believe perspective(s) and dialogue are important in everyday life, but, alas… no expertise.

I do enjoy a spirit filled conversation however, and experiencing other(s) perspectives.

I have my opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, and don’t care anymore if those less than popular opinions go against the proverbial grain. I just choose whom to have those discussions with (unless a topic, or question is mentioned to me first). If someone is always guarded, hands over ears babbling “lalalalalalala” as loud as they can, I stop participating. Waste of time… and what’s the point?

Most, if not all conversations are divisive and polarizing. That’s pretty much a given. As humans, we all have common unifiers, what I call “universal talking points” and our surface conversations are often civilized, and easy going.

“How’s the family?”

“How’s work?”

“How was vacation?”

And, we then proceed to chat about the mundane.

It’s the deeper, darker, difficult conversations. We either enjoy hashing them out with friends and family, or, try and avoid the topics at all costs.

I like the difficult conversations. The tricky topics.

Some of my favorite coffee time chats are with those closest to me, who have different sets of beliefs than I.

I thrive on it. I look forward to those discussions.

Yes, I’ve admitted when I’m wrong. I can be humbled. I do have the ability to say, “ya know what?… I see your point,” and then think it through as critically as possible. Weighing both sides as unbiased as I can.

I also enjoy the same reply. It brings a smile to my face when my counterpart says, “You may be on to something there. Let’s hash it out further.”

To make a long story short, I’m sick and tired of all the celebrities, musicians, politicians, movie directors, medical professionals, personalities and talking heads behind podiums, forcing falsities upon me. When the evidence is undeniable, up in the face, obvious, I cringe when I’m told the opposite is true.

A little piece of me dies each time.

Now, when the celebrities, musicians, politicians, movie directors, medical professionals, personalities and talking heads behind podiums start arguing amongst themselves, I have to return to the fence and try to once again see things from both sides.

They can’t both be right…

While I may not have expertise on certain subject matter, I can say I’m researched on multiple sides, of multiple fences.

If I’m told an “indisputable truth” from one side, or the opposite, I must look at both sides. I have no choice.

Then, through self discernment, I’ll come to my own personal conclusions, and life moves on.

As far as I’m concerned, this “subject matter” is more divisive than all the others. I’ve been to the forums, joined the online groups, I’ve engaged in the podcasts, and watched the interviews. I’ve read the arguments, browsed all the evidence from both perspectives as deep as my mind could handle. I’ve listened to the conversations. I’ve heard the words from the celebrities, musicians, politicians, movie directors, medical professionals, personalities and talking heads behind podiums, and I know where everyone falls on the topic. I’ve whipped up a batch of popcorn just to sit and read the comments.

A silent observer.

I can’t remain silent any longer.

I must speak my truth.

There is not a thing, and not a word anyone could speak, which would change my mind. No “expert” no “professional” and I don’t care how many letters they have after their name, or what school they went to.

Nothing will ever convince me 1988’s Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie.

(A HUGE and warm welcome to the new folks who have recently subscribed to my ramblings on this site, found tucked away in a teeny-tiny corner of the internet universe. I love all you guys.)

Be good to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon.


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