Love Letter

I wrote my wife a love letter, long ago. She keeps it in a small box among her collectables and knick-knacks, and while it was a special note, and from the heart, it wasn’t as authentic as it could have been. I could have said more. I could have written three pages, instead of one.

I couldn’t write another love letter to her, even if I tried. It would still “feel” inauthentic.

My wife enjoys a surprise bouquet sitting in a slender vase on the countertop when she gets home from work, and I always squirm at the thought. Flowers wilt, and die after a time, and my mind repeatedly reminds me that its a waste of money.

(sigh) Doesn’t matter if its a waste. My wife likes it, so I’ll make the attempt… if I can remember to make that attempt.

Remembering, is the tricky part. My mind is always in “survival” mode and properly navigating the current paradigm, so flowers and those “items/trinkets” that don’t serve a greater need, are typically discarded and overlooked. Easily ignored.

I don’t come through very often, and it’s never expected. Flowers appear randomly in the home, at sporadic moments, infrequently, and I do enjoy her emotional responses after the fact; the hugs, wide smiles, and thanks. I watch from a distance as she rearranges the cluster, trims the leaves, cuts the stems, adjusts the water level and finds the perfect location to display them.

It’s easy to admit, but I’m not much of a materialist romantic. Heart shaped boxes of chocolates and fluffy teddy bears are never on the list.

I do have my spontaneous times which catch her off guard, and I enjoy those moments, but mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey, sappy stuff is not part of my makeup.

It’s an unspoken “fact” in my household. Materialist romance “feels” inauthentic to me.

And that’s just me.

While I may not be that hopeless romantic, stealing the blue French horn from the restaurant wall to declare my love for another (a How I Met Your Mother reference), my wife can count on me for everything else. She doesn’t have to lift a finger, unless she wants to.

My role is to provide her the time, energy, and opportunity to engage in whatever it is she wants to do in her reality. Minimal stress. To participate in those activities, which bring her happiness. The more I complete, the more I do, the more freedom she has in life.

My happiness is making sure she’s always happy, and content. Bottom line.

If she’s content I’m free, and happy. Bottom line.

It’s a pleasant unification.

However, the urge to write a second love letter has always been a splinter in the back of my mind. Knowing I couldn’t write another one for my wife (she’s just too badass to put into words), I instead decided to write a love letter dedicated to everything which has made me the person I am today.

Those external influences which helped mold my imagination. Everything I love, or have loved, spanning forty-five years.

The Guardian War Chronicles, is that love letter.

Die Hard, 24, the Walking Dead, Willow, Star Trek (especially Deep Space 9), Star Wars, Firefly, Farscape, Stargate (especially SG Atlantis), Indiana Jones, Lost in Space, Lord of the Rings, the Stallone/Schwarzenegger action adventure/science fiction movies of the 80’s and 90’s. Tombstone. Lethal Weapon. Casino. The Fifth Element…

Among many others.

An amalgamation of all my interests across the entirety of my life… done my way, jammed into 250 pages.

I suppose that’s my shameless plug for the weekend. If you enjoy, what I enjoy, you may just like the book.

No big updates. I may have an author interview at some point soon. I’m looking forward to that event. If anyone is interested, I’ll be sure to post it here. Still hammering on the sequel. Working on getting through the holidays unscathed.

That’s all to report for today. Time moves forward.

Be good to each other. Follow the dream. Chat soon.


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