The monsters are waiting patiently hiding in the dark.

Evil disguised as shining light, and soon, they’ll disembark.

A purge is coming, that right soon. The culling once foretold,

by the ancient priests, those long deceased, an archaic story, old.

It’s happened before in other times, and it will happen again.

The great reset, a prophesied duet. Only the light knows when.

And when those stars, they do align, the monsters set out to hunt.

Their empire vast, their armies amassed deciding the battlefront.

The peasants lose, each and every time, matters not how hard they fight.

Brawl, then perish, live in chains–they arrive with a furious might.

The enemy again triumphant. Billions harvested, for their souls.

The source of the light is pleased again, gaining strength, more control.

She’s lived a billion lifetimes, oblivious to the ones before.

A difficult past, a hard outcast, and evil’s knocking at her door.

That eternal dance continues against a foe, heartless, cruel.

Join Intendant Bell, in her truckstop hotel where she makes all the rules.

The Surrender Game is a duel. A conflict spanning time and space.

A war across the eons including each and every race.

The light has finished resting now, and it’s minions need to feed.

The High Intendant of Truckstop One has what the enemy needs.

The possibilities are endless, but, “it’s a game that must be played.

“Come join us, Child, destiny calls, no need to be afraid.”

The choices are a paradox. The lines of good and evil blurred.

She was raised inside the shadows, and within the darkness she prefers.

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