The Sequel

I’ve been asked when the sequel will be ready.

For the most part, it is ready. I’m tweaking and rearranging some things; had to remove a deadweight character from the plotline, and then rework the story around that “killed darling”.

For continuity purposes, and staying with the primary story– post Surrender Game– I’ve had to invest some additional time within the structure to ensure I didn’t miss anything. It’s easy to get lost in the guts sometimes and accidentally overlook important areas. It feels good to be back in the sequel again.

I had to put that story aside for quite a time, and devote my energy elsewhere, but now that the primary mission is complete, I can return to the second installment, with fresh eyes.

I’m just doing my best to stay on top of it all.

(whew)… a ton of work.

The remainder of December will be spent deep in the sequel, ironing out the bugs, and staying active with book two until I reach that level of comfort.

After the holidays, once comfortable, I’ll be reconnecting with the team and inquiring to the services I need to make it read worthy.

The sequel has already been through a round of developmental edits. It’ll need a line/copy edit, and then I’ll send it away to the beta readers.

All plans are in motion.

Quiet on the Homefront this week. Chilly days, with a crust of frozen snow covering the yard. I abandoned the lair for the winter, and carved out a little office nook in the kitchen upstairs. While the basement is all mine to do what I pleased, it did get a little cold down there. That, and a minor electrical issue.

Its much warmer on the main floor.

I can live with that.

A huge shout out and a warm welcome to the new subscribers! Thank you for your support.

I love all you guys.

For those who are interested in reading my debut novel, the first chapter of the sequel, can be found at the end of the Surrender Game.

Be kind to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon.


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