As Promised

As promised, here is the free read. The companion story.

One can choose how they wish to proceed at this point.

To read the companion, first, will offer historical references for the region of space named, the Exterior (the Vega Grid). The companion will provide back stories for specific characters, time-lines, historical figures, key moments, and locations for those “events” which occur within the Surrender Game universe. A brief narrative providing hints to the way the economy works, how goods and services are provided, the currencies used, a loose explanation of the political structure, and the basic way of life out there in the territories within the Vega Grid.

To read the companion after the Surrender Game, will provide more of the same. A little something extra.

Meant to be read in either order.

Disclaimer: those who have read both installments, thus far, have told me its more fun reading the companion after the Surrender Game. Based exclusively on what I have been told.

But, the choice is yours. I just hope you enjoy.

🙂 Be kind to each other. Chase the dream. Chat soon.


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