The Surrender Game is almost ready.

The train is moving at full speed.

I’ve chewed all my fingernails down to the nubs. Stomach’s rolling. I’m staring at the screen, waiting patiently for this pop-up to disappear so I can move on to the next level, or fix what needs to be fixed.

It’s been about 30 minutes now. I’m certain it takes a ton of time on their end, but, the primary goal was to press the publish button, and while the eBook took no time at all to upload… this one is taking a bit longer. Either way… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I’m ok with waiting and jumping through the hoops as they appear. What’s another few days at this point?

I did have one small accident while constructing the details page. I’m hoping Amazon connects with me soon, to rectify the oversight. I didn’t notice the mistake until the review screen popped up. (sigh) Live and learn. A bridge to cross.

I told Nancy, my daughters, my beta readers, and friends I wanted to have pressed publish and upload everything, on the eve of my birthday. Establishing a concrete timeline.

Tomorrow (my birthday falling on Thanksgiving this year), I can say I’ve managed to hit all the targets. Everything fell into place, right when it needed to. If “stuff” needs fixing, I’ll fix accordingly, as it’s demanded. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through all this… anything can happen.

My birthday is typically just another day of the week, however, this year, I have a four day weekend to look forward to. Tomorrow, after the turkey has been gobbled, I’ll return to the project and see what else needs to be done.

It’s a little exhausting to be honest.

This last week, I had been dragging my feet. I have friends and family who needed help moving, and I’ve been hustling to help them reach their goals so the transition from point A to point B is smooth as possible.

As a result, the fatigue set in earlier in the evening than usual. I couldn’t commit to sitting in the lair, and seeing this through to completion. Making excuses. Finding other things to do. Putting shit off.


I finally dug in my heels and made the decision, today, after work. The eBook is in review stages. I’m waiting for the print preview for the paperback. And?…………. that’s where I am in the moment. Waiting and hoping. Hoop jumping.

More updates to come.

Chat soon…


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