Took a personal day today.

Slept in a little. Played with the dog. Tidied up the living space.

Then, I treated myself to a diner breakfast around brunch time.

I had the home to myself and brought the chow back to my comfy spot. Sat on the couch, and gobbled down my morning meal. Kicked on a show I’ve seen a million times, and fell asleep wrapped up in a thin blanket, under the ceiling fan.

A glorious day off.

Woke up around two. Took Zoey out for another property stroll, and then had a wild idea. One of those gut speaking moments.

I changed out of my “bum around the house” clothing, grabbed my wallet, and meandered next door to my local grocers.

It had to happen. I haven’t made it in years. It didn’t come out perfect, but I managed to whip up the best tasting batch of chocolate covered Rice Krispy squares I’ve ever had.

Dangerous. Yet, oh so scrumptious.

I’m hoping they last throughout the weekend… but… highly doubtful. As I’m writing this, I’m scarfing down a third square.

Another short post. All is well. After some additional dialogue, I’ve come to find out both covers will be coming back. I was thinking just the main novel’s cover for now, but I was happily wrong.

More updates to follow. I’ll keep everyone in the loop as the weekend approaches.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple/few days after that… it’s because I’m trying to get all my shit together. This entire process is quite the undertaking, and flying solo, has it’s own set of challenges.

The moment the art is in my possession, I’ll post.

Be good to each other. Follow the dream. Chat soon.


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1 thought on “Dangerous

  1. Sounds like an amazing off day indeed. Just reading it makes me feel so satisfied. Wishing you more days like this!


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