Friday night.


Just the way I like it.

I know it’ll be another early night when I decide to crash. And, once again, I’ll probably be up around 1 a.m. wondering why I’m fully rested. In fact, I could probably put a wager on it.

(shrug) I’ll deal with that when it happens.

I don’t spend much money on myself anymore, other than food, coffee, and random necessities. Wading through the mandates, and preparing for additional life altering restrictions, as a new “homeowner”, with a family, forces me to evaluate all priorities, and ensure my house is in order.

It’s always at the forefront of thought. It’s a part of my thinking which I can’t shut down.

Never fear driven. Just, knowing how the game is played, and how to strategically place my pieces on the board. I like a good, well rounded game. However… when the rules are always changing, and ALWAYS in constant flux, makes the game harder to play.

Constant adaptation.

Constant planning.

Constant restructuring.

My brain never turns off.

It’s a psychological battlefield out there.

Tonight, however, I plan on turning off the mind for a few hours, and delving into something I didn’t think I would invest time in again. I couldn’t help myself. One of those nagging splinters I couldn’t remove.

Once I saw it I said, “Yes. I have to buy it.”

You need a break.

I asked Nancy if she minded if I occupied the Livingroom for a couple of hours and of course she said no problem. She’s comfortable in the master bedroom watching her shows and tinkering with home decorations.

Once I settle into the couch, kick off the socks, kick on the ceiling fan, and activate the system, I plan on getting lost in Assassins Creed, Valhalla, for a short time. I remember watching the trailer awhile back, and something about it resonated with me.

I couldn’t resist the purchase.

I can’t play too long. Staring at TV screens for lengthy periods of time bothers my eyes, and I have to take frequent breaks. But, I figured I could invest in some down time, for one rainy Friday night, and test my mettle on the Viking battlefield.

I hope all is well in your realm. I’ve had a couple of conversations this evening about the cover art and subtle details, and all appears to be happening just the way it’s supposed to happen.

More updates to come.

Be good to each other. Follow the dream. Chat soon.


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