Liar Liar

Well… that didn’t work out. I lied to myself, and everyone else.

The spirit was willing but the flesh was so, so very weak.

I opened the Surrender Game for another read through, and my eyes got all fuzzy and tired.

Upon realizing my exhaustion I retreated upstairs, ate some chow, wrestled with the dog, and then collapsed into the couch engulfed in a thick, fuzzy fleece.

Crashed hard.

And then… up and at ’em at 3:30am. Took Zoey out for her morning duties, kicked on a podcast for background noise, and wandered the quiet home while Nancy slept.

I’m back down in the lair, now. The coffee is strong.

It’s a bit chilly this morning. Frost on the car windows. The grass is crunching under my feet like walking on a field of corn flakes. Winter is rapidly approaching and hints of scattered snow showers are potentially in the forecast. Luckily, I don’t have much going on, and yes… right after this post, I’ll be committing to that which I abandoned the night before. I’ll take full advantage of this cool, quiet morning, and actually stay productive and on task. I may have to dig out a small space heater to warm up my immediate area, but, that’s typical in my realm.

In between reading, and researching, I’ll be tinkering on home projects. I found some storm windows that need installation.

Must… stay… busy.

Nancy has an appointment mid-morning, and I’ll be by myself for a time.

We don’t celebrate Old Hallows Eve, and when that moment comes when the children are wandering the streets, we typically keep the lights off. No bowls of disinfected candy sitting on the porch. No knocks on the door. I have yet to install an outside light, so hopefully, being on a dead end street, in our little dark corner of town, we won’t get any visitors. I’m not a very traditional guy.

Zoey has tendencies to bark at the wind, so the less human interactions tonight, the better.

A short post this morning.

All is well. The energy has returned. Time to get back to it.

Be well. Have a great weekend. Chat soon.


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