Breaking Point

It happened. I’ve reached that point.

Finally had enough.

No more.

The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. My threshold was crossed.

On any given day, it takes a lot to get me upset. Typically, after some deep thought, and calm breathing, I can reach that place where I’m able to settle down, and think through a problem, rationally, and level headed.

There’s only one fix for this issue, however. Only one. I never want to get to that ugly place ever again.

I don’t want to do it, but it’s a must.

I knew coming into this new residence, there would always be a “honey do” list. While the bones and foundation of the home are strong, the flesh is a little weak and weathered. Pipes which need replacing. Cracks which need sealing. Siding which needs attention.

The house sale was a rush job, due to necessity, and I knew “stuff” would be problematic the more time spent within these walls, and sometimes that’s the price we pay. We have to do, what we have to do, and then deal with the repercussions as they come. I was well aware of that possible conundrum the day I had the keys placed in my palm.

I’ll deal with all issues and complications as they rear up and make their ugly presence known.

The water tank will need replacing, soon. The furnace will eventually need to be swapped out for a newer model within the next few years. Continuing electrical work.

Luckily the bones are strong, and I have a decent structure on which to build and reinforce. The “honey do” list is lengthy, and thankfully, I have a home fixer-upper budget I plan to use to the best of my ability. Even if it means nickle and diming through it all. If nothing else… I’m learning a LOT!

Coming into the winter season, some problems could strike at the most inopportune moments. I’ll hope for the best, but as always… expect and attempt to be prepared the worst.

Yesterday… I snapped. Snapped big-time. Didn’t believe I could actually get to that point. Couldn’t hold back my disdain for a second longer. Thankfully, no one was around to see the tantrum.

After an hour of raking the remainder of the lawn, I committed to a snap decision.

In a sweaty, grumpy huff I dumped the last of the dead foliage along the path in the woods, threw my gloves across the yard, slammed the door to the basement, collapsed into the lair chair, and decided right then and there…

… No! I’m all done! No more. I don’t care how much it costs.

I’m having the trees cut down around the edge of the property, before next autumn. Period. End of story.

I swore to myself in that moment, I’ll never rake a leaf again.

Told you it was the worst chore for me.

I’d rather chainsaw, and then hand split the carcasses of the fallen with a beaten, dented axe, drag them to my firepit, and stack the pile all pretty and neat-like, than have to rake their sheddings from my grass, ever again. Over half of the trees around the property are half-dead, gnarled corpses anyway…

It must be done.

It must… be… done.

Anyway, enough of that. Just a brief, silly ramble before entering the weekend.


Other than some sore muscles, all is well in the realm. Fixed a couple of leaky pipes and rearranged the lair a little bit for additional comfort.

I plan on doing one more read through on the Surrender Game, starting tonight. Will start that process after the coffee brews. I haven’t explored the pages for what seems to be quite some time, and when my gut tells me to dive back in, I have a tendency to listen. I feel the urge to browse certain segments now that it’s been through the beta tester phase and I’ve had a chance to communicate about it with another person. Just to guarantee I have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Other than that, I expect another low key weekend. The usual grind. At least, all the ******* raking is done.

I was told earlier in the week, by someone close to me that little did I know, I have a small army of digital soldiers anticipating the book’s release.

Silently waiting, in the corners and shadows.

There’s actually real people, out there in the world, who are excited and ready to read it, and help me get the word out. A little surreal.

I know only a couple of the names, but if you’re reading this… I’m not sure what to say, other than thank you. The finish line is in sight.

A huge shout out to the new supporters and subscribers. This site seems to grow every day, with every post, incrementally. None of that is possible without you.

Here’s a cute picture of my sleeping friend to start your weekend. She’s quite the bed hog dog and has a little bit of “princess” syndrome. She believes life revolves around her.

And because she’s a rescue, she’d had a bit of a rough start through her first year of life.

Nancy and I accommodate her.

I have to get to work. Ordinarily, I’d post at night or late in the evening, but I have a lot to do. The coffee is ready now, the space opera music is on low, and the incense is burning. Thanks again for reading along, and being a part of this adventure. I’m still having fun with life, I hope you are doing the same.

Be well. Chat soon.


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