River of Life

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”–-Kenneth Grahame

I have a strange fascination with water.

It appears I have to be close to a body of water, at all times.

Before the move, back in July, I was living at the top of a hill, a few thousand feet from a river. Every day, while walking Zoey I could crest that hill, and see it below me. In fact, I’ve never lived five miles away from that river. It’s been a part of me for almost 45 years.

After previously residing in 13 different homes since age 18 (that time in my life was a hazy blur, I may have forgotten a couple) I’m once again, in a new place, not far from that same river.

I suppose, we’re attached at the hip. I can see it from my neighbor’s driveway.

Water, at least to me, has a mystical quality about it. I visit the ocean multiple times a year to heal my soul and cleanse my mind. Water is hypnotic, powerful, and reacts uniquely to different stimulants. Water and I have a strange magnetic attraction.

Not public swimming pools, or crowded lakes in the dead of summer… but… creek beds running through the woods, trickling streams, raging rivers, waterfalls, standing along the coast, ankle deep with toes buried in the sand, waves lapping the legs, while staring out to the horizon. A place of healing, “reflection”, quiet time which requires little money to enjoy. Sometimes just a backpack, drinks, and a couple of sandwiches is all that’s needed.

Since March, I’ve learned quite a bit about money. The pandemic help put things into perspective. I understand my needs versus my desires, better than ever before. I’m able to see what’s important, versus what I once believed was important. I was able to put myself into positions where I could help others.

I have no love for money, anymore.

Something clicked into place, and how I use currency, now, is vastly different than the ways of the old life. May sound strange, but I’ve found having no love for money, material items, trendy gadgets, fancy food, and “things”… money seems to be there when it’s needed. Weird how that works.

In my diverse travels along the inter-webs, I stumbled across an idea. It’s not an original idea, but I discovered a unique correlation between water, and money.

Nothing more than another late night ramble. Ya’ll should know me by now.

Currency (current/sea), bank(s)/river bank(s), liquidation, frozen assets, drowning in debt, staying afloat, cash flow, ocean of wealth… money/water terms. Maybe nothing, just found it interesting.

Then the rabbit hole veered off sharply, and took me elsewhere.

I was helping a friend move recently, and I found myself staring out the living room window to the old man across the street. His small home is right on the edge of that river.

In his yard, he stood under a pitched tarp. Up on a step ladder he was gently sanding down the hull of a fixer-upper sailing boat, propped up on blocks and long timbers.

Since that moment, it’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Now, saying I don’t have a love for money, does not negate the necessity for it. I need to utilize currency to “stay afloat”. Kind of a no brainer.


I believe the water continues to call to me, and I told Nancy, “someday… maybe five years from now. Perhaps ten…

“Don’t be surprised if you come home some afternoon from work, and see a boat in the yard.”

She told me to just keep following my dreams. God love her.

I’ll continue to do my best to make my money work for me and not the other way around. I don’t have any credit cards, and only one small loan left to pay off. My debt is restricted to the home, food, necessities, professional services with art and editing, and the dreaded student loans.

If thoughts truly manifest reality, I believe I can say with some level of confidence, I’ll one day be able to take my boat for a spin along that river.

That sounds like fun.

Ramble complete.

Did some damn raking this afternoon. Hated every second of it. Chopped a sumo wrestler sized hedge down in the yard and dragged it away to the brush pile. That was super enjoyable. Little by little, slowly uncovering all the work this home will need over time.

Planning on a low-key weekend other than miscellaneous yardwork.

Not much has changed on the book. Holding pattern continues.

And, I suppose that’s all I got in the tank for today. Be well and chat soon.


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