Flawed Logic

Who was I kidding?

In this morning’s post, Adaptation, I said I was going to tinker around the house on my day off, work on projects… try to be productive.

Ultimately, my grand plan for the day, was a flawed idea.

I did sip the coffee. I did spend quality time with Zoey as promised, I ran one errand, but then… it all fell apart. I got nothing done today, and it was fantastic.

The right amount of gray sky, with constant, light drizzle, to keep me from the outside chores. I hammered through the dishes, ate wayyyy too much food, kicked on the gaming station, kicked off the socks, set up a small end table beside the couch, flipped up the foot rest, and then unleashed a Hell storm fury of bullet shredding madness upon poor, unsuspecting players, as I dominated the virtual battlefield over and over again.

Arrogant, mouthy punks didn’t know what hit ’em.

A day off, well spent. It was just the fuel I needed.

Then, the missus came home from work… she’s doing her thing upstairs now, and I’m back down in the lair, prattling away. Zoey is with her… I got the quiet space all to myself.

I wish I could say I was feeling a little tired tonight after that gaming spree. I want to have a restful sleep, but I’m fairly certain that won’t happen. I probably won’t hit the hay until 1 am again.

With new fuel, comes new energy.

If I can say I have one thing going for me… I don’t ever suffer from writer’s block. I have plenty of imagination. The words may not always work, or be perfect, but anything broken or out of place, can always be fixed.

The overall story I desire to tell is layered, and across the entirety of the Guardian War series… fairly lengthy. Writer’s block doesn’t exist. I have side-stories, random adventures, companions, spin-offs, character background novels… all stored and filed away upstairs in my head. The first, free companion story, has it’s own cast of characters, and a unique plot, which ties in with the expanded universe, over time. The companions and side-adventures, character background stories, will always be free. Because I love what I’m doing, and desire to share my imagination with anyone who wants to engage, I will always provide free content.

My very first, official, personal, guarantee.

In fact, the grand plan, is to provide a free short-story with each full length novel release.

It’s a challenging, but amazing experience.

I once told my editor, “all I want to do is tell my story.”

It was a rough and rocky road, but now, with a potential finish line looming in the distance… quite possible this time, next month…

I can smile, get a little teary if I allow it, and be happy with releasing at least the beginning of the story to the masses. Every story has a beginning. The Surrender Game is the fast paced, high energy introduction to that story which sets the overall tone for the rest of the series. I just hope people will enjoy reading it, as much as I loved creating it. All I can go on are the positive critiques I’ve received thus far.

The entire process from beginning to end has indeed been a labor of love.

(sigh) I suppose I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight. I’ve yammered on too long today. I’ll continue to keep you apprised of the book(s) status as I acquire the info.

Have a great night.


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