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“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.” –Dave Weinbaum

I’m not a fan of social media.

I don’t believe I ever truly was. It was neat’o and attractive at first, but today? Holy Lord… it’s a mad-house in there.

I’ve abandoned most, if not all, of my on-line “groups”. My notifications were blowing up every minute, and it got to the point where I didn’t want to deal with the noise, and distractions, anymore.

Ditching distractions, means unplugging from the Matrix.

However, everything always seems to come back full circle. I’ve reached that point, or quickly approaching that point, where I require social media. A new jumping off point to keep this crazy train moving. I have to use Twitter, with their hashtags, and @ symbols, to properly communicate, to share a product with the masses.

Connect Instagram to Facebook, and actually post in Instagram and utilize Facebook for something other than silly statements, random poetry, and pictures of the full moon. The blog autoforwards to Twitter, and I have an author page, but in order to get my story out to the public… sigh.

Advertising? Marketing? Oh man…

Facebook sent me a notification stating my author page is now eligible for monetization. I can charge a fee with “paid online events.”

Who would engage in something like that? Who wants to see this ugly mug? Nah… I’ll pass.

Since day one… everything I do, and everything I post here, has been organic growth. Simplified. I desired to be a real person with my on-line activities, be a little out-of-the-box, and I suppose some folks out there enjoy “real.”

Thank you to the new subscribers for your support. I appreciate all of you.

I’m about as real as it gets.

I’m weird, flighty, different, genuine, scared, excited, focused, yet scatterbrained from time-to-time. I may not ever be right, but at least I’m honest. My focus is family. I love my dog, I work hard, and I try to project kindness into the world whenever possible.

And… I like to tell stories (shrug).

I believe my trepidation with having an online life, and openly talking about myself and allowing for that vulnerability, stems from the deeply rooted, anxiety inducing thoughts of Imposter Syndrome. There’s always been a yucky place where my mind wanders, when I hear that little demon voice whispering, “You’re a phony. You imposter. You don’t deserve this. You can’t stack up to everyone else. Why are you bothering? Little fish in a big pond. What could you possibly offer…? Who do you think you are?”

I suppose I’ll have to take a shot and see.

That’s always been part of my journey. Seeing what I’m capable of. Trying to figure out who I truly am.

Ultimately, I’m just a random dude, living his life, trying to make his dreams come true.

And… hoping that others want to jump on the train and take the ride with me. It’s running full steam ahead, toward parts unknown.

While the last post mentioned nothing was etched in stone yet, for the Surrender Game novel release date, I’m thinking, the end of November might be in the cards if I play them right. Stay tuned.

Peace 🙂

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