The Wild Wild West

“Without our love, our passion, and our labor, we don’t have much of anything.” JSM

When it comes to social media, I enjoy the lurker mentality.

I don’t post much, but boy howdy, I do like to read some threads, opinions, posts, and conversations between others inside the internet realm. Especially first thing in the morning with a strong cup of Joe. I get a glimpse, and a brief sneak-peek into people’s minds. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I agree. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief.

Then, when I’ve had my five minute fill of madness, I log out, and go about my day. Trying to be as productive as I can. Five minutes a day is MORE than enough for me.

It’s becoming the wild wild west out here.

I was told that, during the home purchase process. “It’s like the wild west. The rules are a bit different in this arena. You ready?”

The handkerchiefs wrapping the face is a dead give-away.

I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Strap the holster around the waist, load the chambers, and head out the door.

Everyone has their heels dug in, finger twitching, ready to draw the six-shooters. Clans and colonies are quietly being formed. Homesteading has become the new, “new” normal. Chickens, goats, gardens, fences, canning, food storage.

The past, is becoming the future.

Its becoming more and more obvious to me now.

But… that’s just me.

The projected illusions of choice, no longer hold my attention. What was once popular, and mainstream, trendy, is nothing more than a fleeting thought now. A distant memory.

My love, passion, and labor is what truly defines me; my sole focus in life, in the here and now. If I focus on the illusions, I lose my passions. If I ignore what I love, my laboring suffers. There’s only so much time in one day, and time moves fast.

In order for me to get from point “A” to point “Z”, I have to follow a distinct path. I have to be focused. I have to exercise my passions, and work hard. I have to be myself.

If I’m not myself, then I become someone else. I wish to continue being, “me”.

It took some time to figure out who that “me” is, but I’ve narrowed it down to the facets that truly matter to my universe.

I’m a bit “different” and that’s OK. I have alternate views, out of the box perspectives, and a unique mindset. Philosophies, which sometimes clash with other philosophies, and discussing those philosophies can be tedious. So… I keep my opinions to myself… unless I’m asked something specific.


I believe it’s because of my philosophies, mindset, and ideas, I was able to get to point “L” along my journey. “Z” is still quite a jaunt away, and there’s more laboring to be done, but as long as I maintain my passion level, and continuing to strive for what I love, all will be well.

I’m convinced of it.

Quick update: The companion (free read) story, is now done. The cover art for the companion is ready, and the rest of the weekend will be spent working on formatting and filling in the miscellaneous pages to make it a complete package.

The cover art for the Surrender Game is almost finished. Seeing my main character come to visual life, is a bit surreal.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of watching the imagination, come to fruition.

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