“If” I was a Conspiracy Theorist

“If” I was a conspiracy theorist (good thing I’m not) I would begin my curiosity investigations, starting in China. As far back as I could delve into the available research.

Cause… let’s be serious here… what the hell else are we going to do now-a-days? Some of us are still trapped inside the house with minimal options.

We’re either locked into MSM in a hypnotic state, watching the numbers rise and fall… or we spend time engaging in something else.

I, personally, enjoy the “something else” avenue. That’s the road with the best view for me. The reason its the road with the best view–I’m able to freely explore a plethora of alternate perspectives. I like being different, and thinking differently. I never again want to be a “normie”. I enjoy having a curious mind and giving into that urge to dig into all I can and never be locked into a specific mindset. I’m so far out of the proverbial box now, I don’t remember what my thinking was like before I escaped that cage.

Sure… I’ll play some video games with my daughter now and then when I need a break. I’ll read a book. I’m always writing something. I’ll snuggle up with the missus and watch a movie… we enjoy local road trips to the coast… but when I’m not working, or typing something, I’m typically always in research mode.

I needed some new “entertainment” in my life and for almost seven years, I had found what I was looking for.

I wiped my memories clean with one of those Men in Black memory wiping devices. I had to toss out all my personal biases and leave them at the door to undertake a mission such as this. To take the wise advice of the great sage Yoda and “unlearn all I’ve learned.” To ultimately have a complete understanding of both sides of the fence. I then embedded myself deep into the world of conspiracy theories, and I went inside the mind of a community of individuals I never knew existed, until roughly seven years ago.

Then… the rest of the world vanished.

And there I remained. I was hooked on a new drug. That vastly growing “universe” of people all sharing a different collective consciousness, fascinated me to no foreseeable end at the time.

I’ve been exposed to it all, and I mean… all.

Some topics I studied more than others based exclusively off my personal interests and a desire to learn more. I locked onto one specific fascination in my travels, which then led to something different, and my interests transitioned. And I would remain “there” in wide-eyed research for one year or longer. Then, I moved onto something else. Which led to another place… on and on.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the internet, I asked questions at my local library.

Until that day, I decided to quit.

All done.

My mission was then declared over. I got what I needed. I unsubscribed from all the blogs, YouTube channels, newsletters, spent an afternoon un-liking certain pages on social media and I disconnected myself from all the content creators with which I was once enthralled and deeply invested.

There was a bit of a weening process at first. I had to slowly crawl out of the rabbit hole, but once I was back on the surface, flat on my back staring at the blue sky overhead, I was officially done.

That leg of the journey was over.

And while I was visiting that underground reality, I had an absolute blast. It’s not for everyone, but it was perfect for me.

Some stuff I scoffed at. Other topics raised a curious eyebrow and begged for more attention. Some information was obvious and stood out like a flashing neon light making all the sense in the world. Other stuff was ridiculous and I never gave it a second look.

What captured a lengthy span of my attention however, was the curious correlation between comets and cataclysms. Ancient China occupied a corner of my mind for quite some time. I found it to be a good jump off point.

To quote Li Ch’un Feng, the Director of the Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, in 648 A.D. “Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don’t even want to speak of it.”

In a series of books written in 600 B.C. called the Mawangdui Silk, comets were recorded as having 30 different “forms” and each “form” typically accompanied an event of some kind. Earthquakes, floods, pandemics/plague, radical changes in weather, aggressive military action(s).

Dating as far back as 1500 B.C: comets were observed, and described, as the harbingers of catastrophe. Doomsayers. Celestial messengers of chaos.

Some might say, those cataclysms would have happened regardless. No possible correlation between the two. Pure happenstance.

Hey, that’s cool. I understand that philosophy.

Most would say a pandemic accompanied with a comet sighting, is merely coincidence. Hey… I get that too. No biggie. Its no longer coincidence, only when it becomes mathematical, or modeled, and predictive.

I (personally) just found it strangely odd that on the day (C)ovid-19 was declared public enemy #1, an astronomer recorded a comet coming out of the Camelopardalis constellation.

Don’t worry, Atlas (the comet’s nickname) isn’t supposed to come anywhere close to us. It was ultimately destined for a sun transition, and was presumed to become the brightest object in the sky upon its approach, but now, its slowly disintegrating. Fizzling out. Supposedly, folks living in Greenwich UK can see it with a decent telescope, or a strong pair of binoculars.

They named the comet (of all the possible names they could dig up) C-19 Y4.

On the day the C-19 pandemic had become an official household name, and the subsequent steps were then implemented thereafter, C-19 has been seen in our night sky. But… the powers that be and their advisers are the first to say, “it’s all a coincidence. Think nothing of it. There is no connection between the two.”

OK Boss. Whatever you say. (wink wink)

“If” I was a conspiracy theorist… I would find that strange. Beyond strange. Beyond coincidence.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not one of them.

And that concludes another random ramble on a Thursday morning from Jere. Be well. Don’t live in fear. Keep an eye on each other, and keep the ones you love close by.


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