The Truth

“In my mind’s eye, there’s only one truth. My perception of truth is mine and mine alone. This fractured staircase you’ve forced me to climb has led my thoughts to one singular conclusion, however, I understand better now, and I’m grateful. The climb was worth it. I see through the illusion. The wizard’s spell no longer has a grip when the mind is clear and the eyes are open so let the sorcerers try and sway us with their tricks, lies, and fabrications. I provide that answer to my long sought after question, ‘what is truth?’

The only truth, is nature doesn’t lie.” JSM

One of the reasons people read this funky little blog, is because I’m outwardly quirky and I advertise that self-proclaimed weirdness, proudly. Makes life fun for me. I’m a little flighty, a bit different, and I partially exist within my imagination but always trying to be honest and decent. Those who know me personally and professionally understand who I am, and what I’m all about, but give me a soapbox or a platform to ramble on randomly, and I could go all over the place. Always having to reel it in and keep it under control. My imagination, and those places my imagination has led me, has aided with life hurdles most folks couldn’t comprehend.

Something I recently wrote this month on a gut instinct, helped a friend and colleague with a personal dilemma. I was a little blown away by the response(s), so after an in-depth discussion with a confidant, and then another friend for a different opinion, digesting that experience and learning from it, something deep inside led me to believe I’m doing OK. I do have something I can contribute to a select few when it’s needed or warranted, and to just keep being myself. Keep working from the gut. The end result of that experience was well worth it. That’s more than enough to keep this thing trucking and to continue my journey onward. In whatever form that takes.

Anyway, one moment, I’m talking about my experiences with Nancy and helping through her issues and personal struggles, tossing in some Joe encounters here and there, and the next installment is a philosophical meandering, or how I began my writing adventures. The next one may be a bit of poetry, or a single thought I’ve been mulling over. Or a short story. Who knows what’s ahead. I couldn’t even tell you right now. Stay tuned, I suppose.

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This, is one of those ramblings.


I’ve uncovered over the past few years during this quest, some simple concepts I can abide by and adhere to. Concepts which work for me.

The usual disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

I’m a simple man, I need a simple plan. Life never needs to be complicated. We make it complicated.

Overtly simple ideas. But that simplicity has helped me reconnect with something missing. Something I needed to adequately function in my day-to-day operations. Something that truly and absolutely made sense to me, as the observer.

I’ve generated condensed philosophies and easily digestible ideas for my own consumption. In order to construct a true solid foundation for my reality, I had to find the right place to begin construction and where to lower the first corner stone. That’s what took the longest.

The starting point.

For me, the only method of gathering my tools and building that beachhead was to generate a handful of personal, basic principals at the get-go. I needed a guidepost initially to follow. A line in the sand I was ready to cross. Something that flashed bright neon colors within the darkness to latch onto, and was clear and concise. Moving forward with the mindset of, “whatever comes my way, I’m ready for it.”

At the time, the available road signs were pointing everywhere: up, down, north, south, east, west. Spinning in circles. Some pointed to brick walls, dark scary tunnels, and dead end roads, and I had to filter them out, and whittle them down to a select few. Then a couple… and then down to one.

It’s that “one” which has led me to, here. And it’s quite simplistic.

Nature doesn’t lie.

Then, the quest changed.

Nature does not lie. It doesn’t have the capability. Only people lie. Why do people lie?

It’s the easiest thing to do. 

Too simple? I don’t believe so, but that’s just me. Take it for what it’s worth.

We all share mass collective “common truths” on a surface level, but the deeper personal truths we ponder and debate are the ones we struggle to find answers for. And always have. The who, what, when, where, how and why conundrums. With a plethora of experts in their respective fields ready and waiting to answer and supply “truth” to the one seeking it.

Those conundrums and paradoxes can drive people to the brink of insanity. Almost put me there once or twice.

So, to find personal sanity, within what is believed to be a confusing and unsatisfying paradigm, we then turn to those whom we deem “trusted sources” for our answers to who, what, when, where, how and why: Scientists, or anyone wearing a white coat with letters after their name. Articles that boast, “NEW STUDY SUGGESTS.” The educated, or those who have run the full gambit of public education. Professors and teachers. Media, celebrities, politicians or elected officials. Social media blogs. Our pastors, and the varying words of the popular holy books. Corporations or those in authoritarian positions. Content creators with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Varying textbooks and historical documents. Memorized information passed down by others who had memorized information. Or, those opinions we respect within our immediate circles. Spouses, friends, family, significant others. The groups we join on Facebook who share a common mindset. Our television. Institutions we trust.

When THAT is no longer a viable option, when those answers to the ongoing conundrum questions are STILL not satisfactory, we MUST go elsewhere. Some are content with the provided answers. Go with the flow and make no waves.

For myself, to voluntarily stay bound to that which didn’t make sense was slowly killing me inside. The external chaos from the outside world, the bombardment of conflicting information, only increased the internal madness. The overlapping opinions, views, arguments, debates, visuals, and relentless noise over time amplified the non-nonsensical.

Toss in some fear porn: war, asteroids, alien invasions, pandemics, catastrophes, solar flares, societal collapse, ongoing division… this side, that side, and everything in the middle… mix in some distractions… enough to drive someone crazy. Make someone question everything.

If I have a specific question I’m seeking answers to, and the answers are different from person to person to person to person, web search to web search, agency to agency, friend to friend, country to country, trusted source to trusted source, article to article, textbook to textbook, church to church, scientist to scientist, pro to pro, news outlet to news outlet, celebrity to celebrity… etc… I have to go elsewhere. I must.

But that’s just me. I’m a hunter.

We choose to rely on the provided construct, because the commonly shared reality paradigm is comfortable, and “makes sense” to the individual experiencing their subjective reality, from that digested information provided from their various “trusted” sources.

Then, there’s people like me who scratches their chin, and says, “OK… but, ummm… something doesn’t make sense over here.”

Do I act upon that? And if I do, how far am I willing to go?

Or, do I let it slide and join the others who are merely content with what has been offered for truth…

I act upon it. I go all the way. After I ask the question, I hunt. I can’t help it. It’s a part of who I am.

The answer, “it just is,” is ridiculous to me. And if that makes me crazy… I accept.

I choose to seek the answers to my questions, and I enjoy exploring. I engage with the world, but I also experience it differently. The mainstream answers no longer work for me… and I’m not alone.

Nature doesn’t lie. It can’t, and won’t. I found my footing with that philosophy.

Then everything fell into place, made complete and total sense, and my life has changed as a result.

I rediscovered the power, reality, and truth of nature.

And through that discovery, I realized how disconnected we are from it, and how desperately I needed to plug back into that source.

I don’t believe we’re meant for cubicles, classrooms, and conformity for conformity’s sake. We’re meant to explore, connect, engage, and have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. We’ve traded out real power and energy, for WiFi and black screen illusions.

But it’s not our fault.

Perhaps if we could reconnect with the energy and purity, heal ourselves, and fix our minds, we’ll better understand what we’ve been missing for most of our existence.

Something honest, and real. Something truthful.

But again… that’s just me.

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